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As I sit here, I was thinking about how we all long for that loving touch, loving caress, loving kiss, to hear the words " I love you" and for them to actually mean something. When you think that you have found found something and it starts out happy and then the walls cave in, what do you do? You have your choices..you can run and hide for a bit, but that does no one any good, you can have a good cry or laugh and move on. I will admit that I too miss the warm body next to me, having that someone hold me and tell me they have missed me after a day's work or that I can leave them a little note to say I love you on the bathroom mirror for them before they go off to work. I also will say that after being single for a few years, it will be hard to drop a wall at least half way down to get a glace and learn to trust and to accept that what that person tells you could actually be for real. This is where your head and your heart will constantly battle for first place to be right and you will ultimatly have to take a step back and look at the picture from the outside because you know that your past has come into the picture and is nagging you about something and isnt going to let your present be happy, so then you think...well hell, why even think of the future, so give into the brain and shut the heart out. We try to drain out the heart by many different things, some chose work, sports, hobbies, writing, reading, drinking or even drugs and I am sure that there are many other ways to shut that creature up. But in the end..that creature.. will creep back in there when you least expect it and make you yern for those feelings again... as women..we may cry and call our friends, or get a sappy love flick and a bottle of wine and cry or as men...just call our friends and go out for the night and forget about it until it hits us again.....
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