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as i have tried to explain to ppl who cross my page... I am a TRU GYPSY... my mother is full blooded ROMANIAN GYPSY there has always been a strong sense of family and protecting that which one holds so dearly... family is everything... friends are a blessing that are to truly be cherished... even in the simpelist of ways... my dearest friend/kindred/sister found some videos that have helped me... see like every one else i struggle with my own lifes lessons and at times i need my friends to help me as well... with these videos she sent me i have to say... one must close your eyes... the first video, is in a different language. watch the images for they are very real... as i started to listen i was over come w the feeling of having my own family that r passed standing here with me, i had the hairs on my arms first raise, then i felt a hand on my shoulder then the rest of my body started to b covered with these chills... i was once again reminded of my grandfather... when i was leaving for the army, he gave me a PINE CONE...yes a SIMPLE PINE CONE... and was told, that no matter where i go, if i always had that pine cone with me i would ALWAYS BE HOME... i never knew then what i know now... i always had a CONNECTION TO HOME..no matter where my feet wandered... and in my travels, my heart seen so many beautiful wonders to be had and shared...so many ppl to touch spirits with... and as always MUSIC as well ALWAYS BOUND each of us together in ways that will never be explained, no matter how many words u can ever write...there simply are no words to express unseen bindings... one must simply close the eyes and open the heart and truly let the light within to reach out... in this i am blessed to be a GYPSY... and i am blessed to have victoria here as my dearest one to help me in THIS LIFES JOURNEY... kisses hun. thank you i hope that who ever reads this can see and feel what she and i both feel.. at the end of this video is a pic of a little girl that caught vics attention and it caught mine..look at the eyes and i see that spirit that i se ein my own lil ones eyes... oh deep breath... i truly am greatful vic. love you. the following video is from a cartoon called MADALINE... its a beautiful song and wonderful images.... again i hope you enjoy!

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