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One million ways, thats how many i can see to love you honey And I cant see a reason out of any of those that concerns your money I must admit this has to be Love, or something close to it Because i cant see anyone but you, other girl just dont do it I feel combustable energy everytime we touch to be in, out, or around you is a rush When you call i contemplate different ways to answer my phone And when my name excapes you lips, I feel a jones When you speak truth My mind goes int major meditation And i ponder different ways to end your fustration In love with it... your spiritual Addicted to it... your mental In need of it ... your physical I love it because it is you and do you so well that i see noone else that can ever do you like you... not even me and i am addicted to it because when i am with you i feen for it so much i think this world consists of just we And im in need of it because people relate love to air but i have ashtsma, air is precious and it is really you i breath Ask anyone how i feel about the love i feel for you and they will answer your question positively with the greatest of ease My conversations with others are mostly about you About how you piss me off and how i cant get enough of you I dream in color about you, and i would be offended if your dream was in black and white because it would not be a accurate depiction of you I find that you test my love for you to see if i will wilt like a flower, or stand tall like a tree Well baby i am not ghetto but when it comes to loving you you won't find any bitch in me If love was a game i would need to play you, i would be addicted to rolling tyou dice and love every minute of you I know its weird but i love to hear secrets from you Just so you can whisper in my ear When i learn something new about you i find my seelf on a path of exploration to find more about you just so you can know that a peice of my universe revolves around you ive cone to the realization this is no enfatuation and this love i have for you comes close to creation Im happy to have you in my life, both of us united And baby with you everyday is a party , thank you, im happy i was invited
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