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kingjackwolf's blog: "Writing"

created on 03/27/2008  |  http://fubar.com/writing/b201796
The Choice By Jonathan Taylor She could scarcely see a thing, As she ran through the deep, dark mist. Deceit, Anger, Hatred, Sorrow, and Pain. All pass through her, as though part of this mist. A black swamp, lays all around her, forming this depressing mist. She could hear their breathe behind her. As they slowly follow, seemingly getting closer. This was her choice. Up ahead, the mist begins to fade. As she gets closer the spell of the mist begins to disappear. As she enters the clearing, she stops and stares wide-eyed. Before her stands the monstrous gate of the east. Ancient, and faded as if from the dawn of time. Large chains drape over it, locks over each link. It looks ominous, foreboding, but warm to her. She hears them get closer. What is her choice? She waits too long, They are around her. She turns slowly, as she backs up to the gate. The three kings of the ancient times Orochi, the giant snake from the west. Korgo, the great bear of the south. Seara, the ice dragon to the north. They look down at her, beckoning her to return. She must make the choice. The warmth from the gate grows stronger. She hears a voice from the gate. "Do you wish to continue to live in this hell?" She looks out at the three kings, then the surrounding blackness. Slowly she shakes her head, a tear slowly rolls from her hazel eyes. "Do you wish for a life worth having?" She nods. The kings become impatient. "The gate is yours to open, no one else can enter it." She feels heart quicken. A white light erupts from her as her soul rips away the chains. The gate opens swallowing her in its warmth. The three kings bend to the power from the gate. She awakens within the gate. Around her is a blank room, stares at how empty it is. Then her eyes focus on the being at its center. "Who are you? Why is there nothing here?" The creature stands and walks to her. It's black fur moving gracefully as he moves. His power eminates in green waves. "I am Gabriel, the ancient wolf from the east." He is the last of the four kings. "This realm is empty for your mind." She glances through out the vastness. Then she feels a warmth at her leg as he brushes by and around her. She looks down into his kind green eyes. "It your choice, and with me here you can have it." She closes her eyes and her heart and her soul reach for his. She made her choice. For her happiness.
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