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On warm day's and night's all the Lakota children would play at the river while the madins would clean their body's and soul's.Little Oy'sa would sit there while her mother cleaned the clothe's for her family and play in the sand. One day when Oy'sa was 15 her mother asked her to help with this chore and to help cook a meal for their tribe and a visiting Cherokee tribe that was coming from far away,Thay where coming down from the mountains wishing to speak of peace. That evening whille all where around the camp fire eating and injoying the warm summer night Oy'sa decied to walk down to the river and wash but befor she made it she ran into a young Cherokee brave or should I say she wasn't watching where she was going so deep in thought that she stumbled over him. Cikala Peta was very anoyed at this young girl for her mishap that he began to speak very rash at Oy'sa but soon seeing the sadness in her eye's decied to forget his anger and walk with Oy'sa. Thay walked down to the river together and began to talk along the way. Oy'sa was starting to like this young brave even if he was cherokee. Befor she knew it her father was there scolding Oy'sa for sitting with a brave without a family member to speak with as well and protect her.Oy'sa said good night to the young brave and Tate Sapa asked the young braves name Cikala Peta the brave spoke up and said and I will be Micaje of my people some day. Tate Sapa on hearing this told Cikala Peta next time He would perfur to be asked when Cikala Peta wished to speak to Oy'sa and for them never to be alone again.Cikala Peta agreed and went on his way. that night all the lakot's slept with gard's to watch their guest's and the cherokee slept out on the planes all dreaming of peace but Oy'sa,her dream's where full of nothing but Cikala Peta. More of this depends on you if you wish to really know the end..... This is a true story from the past ...Do you wish to hear of the life and death of Oy'sa watta chee and Cikala Peta?

Ciksuya canna yons Cikala Peta
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