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i want to take this time to thank all of the people on fubar that have reached out to my family and sent there cards and gifts to my brothers children, it helps out so much in there day to day needs, as most of you all know my brother died in his sleep on 5-20-2008. he had no life insurance and his workers comp case was thrown out the day he passed away.we are trying to do some kind of fund raiser to help save there home and so far we are not doing so well. if there is anyone that can help in the form of a wal-mart gift card or donate a car/boat/r.v to be sold at auction to raise money please call me. also looking for door prizes to auction off at a fund raiser, or if you are local and can host a fund raiser PLEASE call me. everything you donate is a tax deduction. thank you all for the help and support.
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