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F.Y.I. you need to tell your spirit guide that they can read your brain whenever they want, or they won’t know what you are thinking. Close your eye's and picture god, jesus, Buddha whoever you believe is god. Picture them sending you white light all around you. Feel the love from them. This may take a moment, I like to picture jesus hugging god and them sending me the white light but i do this until i feel the energy from the white light. Now picture yourself in a field full of tall green grass the sun is beating on your face the wind is blowing on you, look down and see that you are wearing all white, and you see a path of white stone. You follow the path feeling the sun on your skin and the wind blowing. In the distance you see a white gazebo, it seems out of place but at the same time you feel like it should be there. You approach the gazebo and see three steps going up to it. You don't go up the steps but look into the gazebo, and out of the shadows you see a person. This person comes out and walks down the three steps and puts it's arm around you. This is your spirit guide (at other times it could be anyone that wants to talk to you but for your first time you are looking for your guide so that is the one that will come to see you). Ask the guide it's name. You can ask the guide whatever you want at this time. As you talk to the guide you will walk back down the white stone path. About half the way back the guide lets you continue by yourself. You continue on and see two giant doors in the grass standing up even though it seems they shouldn't be. The doors have big brass knockers on them. You run up to them so fast and open the doors and look down this long hall. You see two other doors way down at the end that look just like the two you just opened just smaller. You step on the ground of the hall and you feel the cold marble on your feet. You are so excited to get to the other doors you run as fast as you can almost effortless. You open the next set of doors and see a giant circle room that is all pink. Pink curtains, pink everything. In this room you can meet family members or friends that have past away, you can talk to them as long as you wish. You see an alter stone on the other side of the room and you walk up to it. This alter stone can look like whatever you want it to look like it doesn't matter. You look at this alter stone and see a key and take the key and put it in a hole in the wall and the curtains open and your spirit guide steps out, puts its arm around you and walks you over to the other side of the room where the curtains open and a gold scribe rolls down. This is you talking to god. All you do is picture yourself writing on this scribe and then seeing a response from god on the scribe right out of the thin air. Ask whatever you want. Then your spirit guide puts its arm around you and walks you back to the doors that led you in. Your guide is walking you down this hall and all of a sudden your sitting on the beach with your back to a palm tree, your so close to the water that the waves are coming in and just reaching your bare feet. You feel the sun on your skin and you are so relaxed, your toes, your feet, your legs, your arms, your neck your head. At this point you can say a word to yourself to feel this peace whenever you want it through the day, a code word if you will, like blue. You hear this word and feel the way you do now. You see someone walking out of the corner of your right eye it's your spirit guide. They walk up to you take you by the hand and you start to float in the air going higher and higher you go through the clouds and see your past loved ones and go higher and see god and then you wake up feeling refreshed and full of life. Somewhat from some book i listened to a few years ago. lol
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