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BabyGirl's blog: "STUFF I HATE"

created on 06/24/2009  |  http://fubar.com/stuff-i-hate/b301016

I hate the fact that when you have a boyfriend

They tell you every day that they love & trust you

Then turn around and won't cause of something

That doesn't meant sh*t to you

Blame you for something you could do nothing about

And call you a cheater cause of it

They won't even talk to you like a person

They block you and tell you to not contact them again

They even tell their friends to block to you.




To the one who this is about,

You know DAMN well

I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.

You knew I loved you with my whole heart

I would have done anything to keep from losing you.

I even told you the truth

Before you found out from someone else.

That right there is called trust worthly.

I just hope you know you made a

BIG Mistake once again.

But you know what?

You might have broken my heart once again,

But I will live cause

I know it's your loss

Not mine.

I did nothing but be truthful & faithful to you.

I even lost friends to keep you happy.

With everything I did for you,

I would have done again.

Cause I loved you more then anything

Even the air I breathed.

I might never be happy again,

But I do wish you the best life you can have.

I hope you find the right woman

Who will make you as happy as I did,

(if that's possible).

I wish no harm on you


I am not a mean person

And will not be mean to you in anyway.

Need anything, even someone to talk to,

You know how to find me.

I warned you when we started talking,

That it would be nearly impossible to lose me.

As a Friend.

With that, Im outta this blog.

Take care and be happy forever

Without me.

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