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34 Year Old · From Seattle, WA · Joined on July 24, 2006 · Born on December 26th
34 Year Old · From Seattle, WA · Joined on July 24, 2006 · Born on December 26th

wutup my name is Static, im 15yo, i love music. its pretty much life. i play Lead/Rythym guitar and Drums. i have the best friends in the world. im single. so hit me up. i go to alot of partys. i can get you weed. i also go to alot of concerts and shows. my favorite band is: A Lesson In Chaos. they are my best friends too. if you wanna chat my phone number is 206-242-5816. my AIM is: [ST4T1C PU1S3] and my MSN is [raverboixtc420@Hotmail.com]and my YAHOO is: [derangedinsanity42069@yahoo.com] i love meeting new people. i love hangin out, chillaxin... i am very outgoing. i speak my mid whether you like it or not. if i like you. i will tell you. and if you ask me if i like you i will tell you. ive never hit a girl, ive never broke up with a girl, and i have the utmost respect for all females and all my friends. so if you are nice to me ill be nice to you and if you dont like it then fuck you. i smoke, i drink, and i smoke weed. and i dont care what you think. you cant change me. i am who i am and i do what i do. i also do freesyle BMX and Motocross. pretty much all i have to say about me right now. if you wanna know anything else just ask me.

34 Year Old · From Seattle, WA · Joined on July 24, 2006 · Born on December 26th
love life, get paid, get laid, turn up the radio,blow out the windows, smoke a bowl, drink a brew, have a cigarette, get laid, have a cigarette, smoke a bowl, turn up[ the radio, go to sleep.......prettty much my dream life.....but basically. it goes like this...wake up, smoke a bowl, get online, talk to friends, smoke another bowl, smoke a cigarette, go to the store, call someone, continue computer use, talk to more friends, myspace it up, lost cherry, music, more music, guitar, music, sleep and thats about how my life works. ilyallx3<3<3<3
ozzy, alaster crowley, jimi hendrix, my mom, A Lesson In Chaos. (best friends a 15yo metalhead could ask for.) eddie van halen, bob marly,and most of all. my friends. i love them all.

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