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33 Year Old · From Sebring, FL · Joined on June 20, 2006 · Born on July 29th
33 Year Old · From Sebring, FL · Joined on June 20, 2006 · Born on July 29th

NAME: Starla Sky Moore BIRTHDAY: July 29, 1987 BIRTHPLACE: Dallas, Texas CURRENT LOCATION: Grand Saline, Texas HEIGHT: 5'9 HAIR COLOR: Blonde EYE COLOR: Blue ETHNICITY/HERITAGE ETC: Irish, English, Scottish, Brittish BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE: Eyes PIERCINGS? HOW MANY?: 6 in my ears TATTOOS? HOW MANY?: None WHATS UR FAVORITE::: COLOR: Green FOOD: Cake BAND/GROUP: Dem Franchise Boyz SONG: What Is It ~ Webbie MOVIE: Longest Yard ACTOR & ACTRESS: Chris Rock/Brittany Murphy TV SHOW: CSI HOBBY: DRINK: Sprite CANDY: Gummy Worms CHOCOALTE OR VANILLA?: Vanilla LOVE::: R U IN A RELATIONSHIP? No. *R U HAPPY IN THIS RELATIONSHIP? N/A HAVE U BEEN IN LOVE? Yes DO U WANT TO BE IN LOVE? Of Coarse.. DO U WANT TO GET MARRIED? Yes. DO U WANT TO HAVE KIDS?....HOW MANY? Yes, 3. WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A BOY/ GIRL?? Personality, Goals in life, Someone who don't live with there mama. HAVE U EVER BEEN CALLED A TEASE? Not to my face. DO U GET ATTACHED EASILY? Yes. R U A JEALOUS PERSON WHEN IT COMES TO UR BF/GF? MOst deffinately. OTHER RANDOM STUFF::: SIBLINGS? Yes, 4 Brothers & 3 Sisters. HOW DO U WANT TO DIE? In my sleep. WHAT DO U WANT TO BE WHEN U GROW UP? Happy. HAVE U EVER BEEN DUMPED? Yes HAVE U EVER BEEN DRUNK? Yes DO U SMOKE? No DO U DO DRUGS? No. WHAT R U SCARED OF? Death, Heights, & Spiders. DO U THINK UR ATTRACTIVE? Yes, but Im not concited. HAS ANYONE EVER TOLD U THAT U WERE ATTRACTIVE? Yes. DO U SWEAR? Yes. DO U SING? Yes. R U A SOCIAL PERSON? Sometimes. R U JUDGEMENTAL? Yes. DO U LIKE ROLLERCOASTERS? Yes. DO U HAVE ANY REGRETS? Alot. HAVE U EVER GONE SKINNY DIPPING? Yes. WHATS THE CRAZIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE? Humm....Ohh I can't write that down.... WHATS THE NASTIEST THING U HAVE EVER EATEN? Sushi R U A CONFIDENT PERSON? Sometiomes. DO U CARE WUT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT U? Nope. FAVORITE QUOTE? Im not conservative when it comes to that sex stuff. I have a problem with the whole society thing where guys have sex and get praised for it but girls do it and get labels put on them. So more power to the girl who says she can enjoy sex and not be ashamed of it. Ill back that up 100 percent.~~ Chrisina Aguilera. /i14.photobucket.com/albums/a336/StarlaSky87/2header.gif" />">

33 Year Old · From Sebring, FL · Joined on June 20, 2006 · Born on July 29th
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Friday night Lights, White Chicks, Thirteen, Anything with fast cars, Mona Lisa Smile, Scarface, Anything Disney.
My Mom, Memaw, Susan, Nena, Sahrina, Rene All my aunts.

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