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Mafia Princess's blog: "So Foul"

created on 06/04/2007  |  http://fubar.com/so-foul/b88589


Aight so i just wanna say thank you to all my peeps for showing mad love to me.....the comments, the notes, everything,, thanks again,,,
I am sellin six flags tickets,, any one interested get at me,,,, they are 4 for $100.00 or $30.00 each,,,, i have 8 left,, let me know if u want them,, get atcha girl
Night out with the gilrs............ Well last night was my cousins bachlorette party,,,we went to manhattan to the copacabanna night club for a male review,,,before that even happen we were stuck in major traffic so we bypassed the GWBridge and went toward the Lincoln Tunnel,, to find out that was crazy too,, right now i have a headache that was just gettin worse ,, the fumes from the cars in that tunnel were so bad i really thought i wasnt gonna make it to the club,, well finally we get out of the tunnel and we get by the club to find out the car show was going on,, we forgot about that,, thats why there was so much traffic.. anyways now we are lookin for parking,, and of course there isnt any on the street and to find a parking garage,, please,,, well finally we did find a parking garage maybe 3 blocks up,, ummm yeah 3 blocks,, not to mention i wasnt wearing sneakers,,, well we started walkin to the club and half way there i couldnt walk no more,, my feet were killin me,, i didnt know what the fuck was wrong,, well i finally get to the club and sit down,, there we were in the front row,,, umm yeah it was perfect seating,, drinks coming left & right while out sexi waiter with no shirt kept serving the girls,,, it was nice,, then the show started and my coucin was on stage and we were laughing like crazy,, sexy ass neyo was going around giving lap dances and i was hopeing her came to me,, but he didnt there was some other guy who came around and i just looked the other way,,, i couldnt believe my eyes with some of the things i was seeing,, hahahaha,, but it was great as far as the show and im glad y cousin had the time of her life,,, after the show i was tryin to wallk up to the street so i can go home and of course it took forever to get there cause now the problem got worse,, i wasnt able to stand at all on my feet with out being in pain,, the car pulled up and i got in,, anly to find i had on each foot 2 huge ass blisters the size of an orange,, damn im so fucked,, what the hell do i do now,,, well that was my story,, and i just felt like blogging my night on here,,,right now i am in so much pain,, hope i feel better...... thanks for reading.........
Well here we have a bitch names Amanda aka Panda nasty ugly stink bitch from the bx,, well i came @ her like a women but she still didnt care,,, bitch has no self asteem and i hope she likes the taste of my shit,,, literally,, this bitch is the worst eva,, 21 years old she will get hers,,just thought all my friends would love to see what my man cheated on me with,,,,Well as far as he says he didnt cheat,, but this bitch made sure she said all she could,,, ill always love him,, he knows a real women and she is just dreaming,,, but hey life goes on!!! well i mean my x,, has been and thank god its been ova. im out,, and im closing this subject,,,,,,,, JUST CLICK THIE LINK BELOW TO SEE WHAT A BEAUTY SHE IS,,, SHES A BEAST!!!!!! http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a256/butta4uboo/yukkkkkkkkkkll.jpg
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