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Silent Day The wind whispers gentle through the trees making them sing. Cool shadows cover the still quiet pool in evening shade. An almost calm silence fills the air except for the gentle sounds of the forest creatures. A resounding crack disturbs the silence causing a hush to fill the air. Buzzing insect, croaking frogs, chattering birds all fall silent. As if holding their collective breath waiting to see what has disturbed the peaceful day. Trembling and unsteady on quivering legs stumbles forth a new born foal. Looking around with wide frightened and unsure eyes as if to ask his mother is it safe. With softened eyes and gentle nudge she exclaims it is safe my child. Softly slowly stumbling to waters edge the foal creeps. All the creatures great and small hold still as if not to frighten the new babe. Slowly bowing down his head he sips from the cold clear water. When he is done like a creeping mist they vanish into the silent forest. As seconds tick by not a sound is made. For the world still quietly holds it's breath for fear of frightening the foal. Then as quickly as the silence came the world begins again full of nature's sounds
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