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"Mother, What Is My Name?" An old witch sat one evening next to an old oak and admired the moon. While sitting there she began relecting on her many years of practice in the craft. In doing so she woundered why she had never found that what she had most sought through the years...her sacred name. "Mother?" she whispered into the wind,my time in this life is short, and I would make a request of you. What is the name that has eluded me all these years? Many names havecome and goneas you saw fit, but nine seemed absolutely Divine... one to know just between the gods and me." Feeling emotions rie as she begins to worry that she would never know, she began to plea in earnest, "Mother, what is my name?" Just then the wind rustled through the trees and a gentle laugh could be heard. The Mother's gentle voice whspered into ger ear ina way that has become familiar over the years. "Remembermy child, remember." With that the wind was gone, as gently as ithad come. "Mother! Why do you not answer that which I seek?" she steadly asked, feeling that surely the mother would answer her this time in her aged years. "Mother, I have waited patiently for many years, yet you gve the same answer still." In confusion she left her quiet spot near the old oak tree and accepted that maybe she should never know her true name. A few seasons later the old witch felt a gentle wind caress her cheek and whisper in her ear, "Come, my child, your time in world is almost done". The old woman let the wind direct her to her quiet spot under the old oak. There the Mother appeared for the first time before her. "Mother?" saidthe woman in a hesitant voice, "what would you have me do? My body is failing and somtimes my mind is weary. Even my very soul grows tires." "Recline here under this tree, and close your eyes," instructed the Lady. The old witch did so, as she was told. Then she felt the Mother take her hand and say simply, "You must remember". The witch began to see all that had been in her life. Her childhood, motherhood, and craft life. She saw all times the Mother had come to her in her workings through the years and was greatful. Opening her eye she dared to ask yet again, "Mother what is my sacred name?" The Lady touched her eyes and again the witch rememberd times she asked this question and all times the only reply was, "My child. Remember, my child." Suddenly realization hit herand she cried, "Mother?" "Yes," sid the Mother as a divine wind gathered about them you has the answer all along." The wind carried then toward a bright light. The woman knew her body was left behind, but did not grieve for it. At the outer edge of the light they paused. "Your name is very special to me and is the same for your brothers and sisters, whether they be like you or four legged or winged. Even the trees and rocks are known to me as such. None named higher to me....My Child. In realising that you are sacred part of All, and no matter how different the species or race, you are all my children. Therefore, My Child is the most powerful sacred names, for it is theone I gave you.... to all my children at their birth." The Lady then gestered to a vision below them of a young woman laboring in her first birth. "You see, as each woman becomes mother she becomes a part of me and calls you that which I do... My Child. Even daughter and son in all languages of earth, mean the same... My Child. Each time you asked of me what your name was, I always told you... Remember, My Child. Realization came over the old witch's face and tears of joy filled her eyes. Knowing her life was compleate, she followed the Mother into the light and closed her eyes feeling the warmth on her face. She couldn't tell how long she lingered there in the light nor did shecare. She began to feel strange, her body became more solid and the warmth she had known became a cold air. her lungs stung with painwith the long awaited breath and she cried out with a loud wail for she could speak no words "Mother", she thought frantically, and she heard that gentel laugh and that familiar voice calling her saying "my child" or was itdifferent this time. She stopped crying and turned toward the voice. Although she couldn't see very well she knew that this was the young mother she had seen in the vision. She had been reborn. As the memories of her earler life were fading and her soul, now rested and renewed, settled into the tiny body, she heard one last whisper from the Mother, "In each and every life you enter and leave with the same name... My Child. It has been the same and will remin the same for all eternity... My Child, The name that is All and brings you closest to my heart... My Child. This name is what you are forever shall be... My Child." by: Marsha Birkholz
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