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WetCat's blog: "Shelter "

created on 10/09/2016  |  http://fubar.com/shelter/b368436


Surrounded by the storms of life
She falls to the ground
No longer able to hold her head up
She weeps uncontrollably

In the midst of her sobbing
She feels His presence
No words are spoken
He simply holds her

As her tears begin to stop
He whispers to her
‘I am right here’
While she fights to stand

Her mind is filled with questions
But all she can ask is
Why is all of this happening?

He draws her close
Knowing that she needs answers
Softly, He says,
‘My child, I am shielding you from so much more!’

Tears fill her eyes once more
As she sees the sun fighting to shine beyond the clouds
‘You will survive this as you have many things before.
All you need to do is just…trust Me.’

Suddenly, the heaviness she felt before
The despair that once filled her soul
It was replaced with joy

She slowly began to smile
As she walked towards home
A song in her spirit
A praise on her lips

In just one moment, she had lost sight
Sight of all He had brought her through
The mountains He had placed her on before
Her faith soared because she knew that He would always be…her shelter

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