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Pr3tty Toy (1:40:18 AM): hey caruso663 (1:40:28 AM): hey! Pr3tty Toy (1:40:39 AM): what's up? caruso663 (1:40:50 AM): you dont answer your phone Pr3tty Toy (1:40:57 AM): sorry. caruso663 (1:41:06 AM): s'ok caruso663 (1:41:13 AM): thought you were mad at me Pr3tty Toy (1:41:37 AM): ;x caruso663 (1:41:56 AM): so...you arent right? Pr3tty Toy (1:43:28 AM): eh, no caruso663 (1:43:36 AM): eh? caruso663 (1:43:41 AM): whats eh? Pr3tty Toy (1:43:46 AM): a word caruso663 (1:43:54 AM): meaning? Pr3tty Toy (1:44:01 AM): look it up caruso663 (1:44:08 AM): ok caruso663 (1:44:10 AM): lol caruso663 (1:45:04 AM): (an interrogative utterance, usually expressing surprise or doubt or seeking confirmation). Pr3tty Toy (1:45:19 AM): wow caruso663 (1:45:47 AM): you told me to caruso663 (1:45:48 AM): lol caruso663 (1:46:08 AM): so can i call joo Pr3tty Toy (1:46:45 AM): um, hold on caruso663 (1:52:32 AM): well? Pr3tty Toy (1:52:40 AM): um. caruso663 (1:53:01 AM): too late? Pr3tty Toy (1:53:45 AM): i have something to talk to you about but I really don't want to talk on the phone right now. just give me a little bit. caruso663 (1:54:09 AM): ...ok talk to me then caruso663 (1:54:29 AM): whats wrong? Pr3tty Toy (1:55:23 AM): I don't want to talk about it right now. caruso663 (1:55:32 AM): ... caruso663 (1:55:50 AM): is it something bad? Pr3tty Toy (1:56:20 AM): depends on how you view it? caruso663 (1:56:54 AM): well considering i stayed out here for you, you might want to re-evaluate that. caruso663 (1:57:13 AM): is it bad? caruso663 (1:57:40 AM): should i guess? caruso663 (1:57:58 AM): cuz im thinking something pretty bad right now caruso663 (1:58:58 AM): like you breaking up with me. caruso663 (1:59:22 AM): am i right? Pr3tty Toy (2:01:06 AM): um,yea. >.> caruso663 (2:01:18 AM): can i ask why? Pr3tty Toy (2:01:54 AM): there's a lot of reasons why. I'd rather not go into details. caruso663 (2:02:20 AM): oh ok, so whatever. i love you, good bye caruso663 (2:04:13 AM): i move closer to you for you but that means nothing apparently, but yea caruso663 (2:05:38 AM): i cant believe you were gonna break up with me on the phone caruso663 (2:06:29 AM): so have you found someone else, is that one reason? Pr3tty Toy (2:10:59 AM): I didn't ask you to move closer. & I didn;t want you to call because I didn't want to have to do it over th phone because really I don't know if it's morally better to do so through im or talking. and no, I haven't found someone else. caruso663 (2:12:08 AM): when you care about someone, you dont have to ask them. caruso663 (2:12:21 AM): i wanted to be closer to you Pr3tty Toy (2:13:27 AM): Well in my opinion when it's as big as a decision like moving, I think it's a good idea. Especially when it's one like you either moving 20 minutes away or a state away. Pr3tty Toy (2:14:26 AM): And you seem to have seen this coming, and you only moved what, not even a week ago? so I'm assuming you had doubt before you moved. so I don't get it. caruso663 (2:14:40 AM): doubt? caruso663 (2:14:51 AM): how did i have doubt caruso663 (2:15:05 AM): i have been nothing but honest with you caruso663 (2:15:55 AM): but you apparently have decided this a while ago fromhow you are talking and didnt bother meantioning there was a problem caruso663 (2:16:08 AM): so yea caruso663 (2:16:26 AM): hope you are happy with your decision. caruso663 (2:16:47 AM): i dont get it honestly Pr3tty Toy (2:17:15 AM): I don't know how you can't get it. ;/ caruso663 (2:17:23 AM): try EXPLAINING it Pr3tty Toy (2:18:23 AM): how much more can I explain it? There's not much more to say past I don't want to be with you. I really don't want to point out every single thing I don't like because I thing that's just bordering cruel. plus, if you did that to me, well, I highly doubt I'd enjoy it. caruso663 (2:19:35 AM): honestly? there is only one thing i dont like about you and its not a delbreaker for me caruso663 (2:19:42 AM): *dealbreaker Pr3tty Toy (2:20:19 AM): which is? caruso663 (2:20:38 AM): its that you dont talk to me about problems Pr3tty Toy (2:21:24 AM): That's how I was raised. It's more of a, don't ask don't tell kind of thing. caruso663 (2:21:44 AM): yea, how's that working for you? Pr3tty Toy (2:21:54 AM): ... Pr3tty Toy (2:22:26 AM): if you're going to be a douche about it, don't even talk to me. caruso663 (2:22:33 AM): lmao caruso663 (2:23:03 AM): a douche? you are telling me there are countless things that you dont like about me, and im the one being a douche? caruso663 (2:23:18 AM): thats funny, it really is. Pr3tty Toy (2:23:30 AM): way to turn things around. caruso663 (2:23:54 AM): right, i forgot, im the bad guy. Pr3tty Toy (2:24:20 AM): lol caruso663 (2:24:29 AM): can i ask you one thing? Pr3tty Toy (2:24:45 AM): go for it caruso663 (2:25:13 AM): how long have you known you were gonna break up with me and continued to lie to me and tell me you love me? Pr3tty Toy (2:25:31 AM): iuno caruso663 (2:25:50 AM): how do you not know? caruso663 (2:25:56 AM): the first time we met? caruso663 (2:26:57 AM): second time? caruso663 (2:27:00 AM): third? Pr3tty Toy (2:27:08 AM): i don't remember really. ;x caruso663 (2:27:53 AM): well thats great caruso663 (2:28:12 AM): thanks Pr3tty Toy (2:28:21 AM): yea. you're welcome. Pr3tty Toy (2:28:43 AM): thanks for remembering our anniversaries too. caruso663 (2:29:05 AM): i have a shitty memory and you know that Pr3tty Toy (2:29:10 AM): uhhuh caruso663 (2:29:19 AM): but whatever. caruso663 (2:29:57 AM): i dont really pay attention to those because everytime i see you is special to me caruso663 (2:30:06 AM): or was Pr3tty Toy (2:30:33 AM): you're so full of shit it's not even funny. seriously. you can stop with the corny lines now. ;/ caruso663 (2:31:05 AM): funny thing is you think im full of shit when im being honest when you were the one that LIED to ME caruso663 (2:31:17 AM): way to project yourself on me caruso663 (2:32:24 AM): you made me happy, whether you want to believe it or not caruso663 (2:32:53 AM): so i dont regret it Pr3tty Toy (2:33:14 AM): I'm not trying to protect myself. I'm sorry I 'led' you on or whatever but i'm pretty terrible at ending things. it took me like, a week to break up with my first ex. and the only reason I put it off with you is because I wasn't sure for one how you'd take it and and first I wasn't sure if I wanted to at first caruso663 (2:34:10 AM): no you didnt lead me on, im not accusing you of that. caruso663 (2:34:32 AM): and you really did make me happy Pr3tty Toy (2:34:46 AM): i'm sure you'll find someone else caruso663 (2:34:54 AM): why else would i stay in this shithole state? Pr3tty Toy (2:35:06 AM): i'm sure you can move next month or so caruso663 (2:35:11 AM): right caruso663 (2:35:14 AM): whatever caruso663 (2:38:38 AM): have a nice life Pr3tty Toy signed off at 2:38:57 AM.
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