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so I just wanna know wat is good tonight? Y does every1 list U.S. instead of the city or even state?
Hello everyone. This is my first blog on fubar... and I have no idea what I am doin (so please "beer" with me). So far I have met so many nice and friendly people, thats great and all but last night I went out to a local bar (close to my house in Warwick RI so I could walk cause I knew I was gonna get shit faced). I anticipated this night out all week end long (I even wore my "lucky" panties!!) So I walk into this used to be "trendy Tavern" and from wall to wall all I can see is beautiful young woman (don't they hve school in the morning). When did Monday night turn into 18+ night??? Not that I can't hold my own with a bunch of perkey gitty drunken 19 yaer olds... but I do love love love all the attention I can get when I go out (lookin 4 it!!!) and I just was not sattisfied last night... I wanted to go home and put on my old pajams consisting of an old tshirt and ripped old soccer shorts from high school and get on my computer an go to ... FUBAR!!!. so this made me wonder... are we the computer generation? Has all this INTERNET FLIRTING turned us into HOME BODIES? Would we rather type to strangers than go out an risk getting turned down.I think we should go out alittle more and reclaim what is rightfully ours. Reclaim our "turf" and pubs (and one night stands) so easily given away to those computer illiterate 19 yaer old high school drop outs!
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