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Some Of Sarges Bad Girls Are Having A Birthday!


COCA-COLA-GIRL - April 16th

http://fubar.com/user.php?u=695965&friend=695965" target="_blank">COCA-COLA-GIRL owned by "the scorpion in iraq"*I SUPPORT N WELCOME OUR SOLDIERS**
http://b.pca3.fubar.com/56/95/695965/tn_3264885538.jpg" />
http://fubar.com" target="_blank">@ fubar

Mae Mae - April 21st

http://fubar.com/user.php?u=1223760&friend=1223760" target="_blank">∩„¢(*_*)„¡∩„¢ QuEeN  MaE ♥ mAe ∩„¢(*_*)„¡∩
http://b.pca3.fubar.com/06/73/1223760/tn_3590934499.gif" />
http://fubar.com" target="_blank">@ fubar

Devil's Plaything - April 23rd

http://fubar.com/user.php?u=101317&friend=101317" target="_blank">~DeViLs PLaYtHiNg~ AKA *SARGES BAD GIRL!*
http://b.pcb3.fubar.com/71/31/101317/tn_4000083351.jpg" />
http://fubar.com" target="_blank">@ fubar

KISSgrrl - April 29th

http://fubar.com/user.php?u=1561743&friend=1561743" target="_blank">KISSgrrl BBW Sarge's Bad Girl!!  Member of BBW-Bomber Family! R8/F/A
http://b.pca3.fubar.com/34/71/1561743/tn_1386646405.gif" />
http://fubar.com" target="_blank">@ fubar

show them lots of birthday love!
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http://photobucket.com/images/heart%20dividers" target="_blank">http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w63/Anitacook_13/Dividers/animatedheartdivider.gif" border="0" alt="Animated Red Heart Divider Pictures, Images and Photos" />

While your here check out the sarge's bad girls
were the best and baddest on fubar!!

http://fubar.com/user.php?u=1466345&friend=1466345" target="_blank">Sarge's Bad Girls
http://b.pcb3.fubar.com/54/36/1466345/tn_2136090765.gif" />
http://fubar.com" target="_blank">@ fubar

wanna become one of sarges bad girls?

click">http://fubar.com/blog/172118/659699">click here to join

Being Pimped Out By:
Blue Eyed Brat




(repost of original by 'BlueEyedNymPho">http://fubar.com/user/751610">BlueEyedNymPho ¢¾ SargesBadGirl ¢¾Member of Twisted phuckers¢¾' on '2009-04-02 19:45:58')

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