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I have this beast inside
that only I can see.
He has always been there
This was Grandfather Suns evil gift to me

I 1st seen him when I
was a very young boy.
I played with rifles
had no time for toys

I always shot true
I rarely missed.
As boy I was well known
no one second guessed

I was a hunter
and many animals Ive killed.
But even with that
The beast was never fulfilled

Then a sharp dressed man
in a uniform of blue.
Asked me did I have what it takes
to be one of the proud and few

I looked in his eyes there was confidence, honor
and no fear to be seen.
I  then went and claimed my
life long title United States Marine.

I soon became the
elite of the elite.
The feats I accomplished
few could ever beat

I became a killer of men
and that fed my beast inside.
His presence grew stronger
he became even more alive

Ive done some things
some would say in shame.
But I never waivered
I put the beast to blame

The beast was determined
and he never would never fail.
I think sometimes
he came directly from hell

There came a time
when the beast wanted control.
Then I had to battle him
deep inside my soul

I won the battle
and have captured the beast.
But he lives deep inside me
even in defeat

Its been many years now
since I have seen the beast.
But he is still inside me
waitng to be released

The beast is evil and sadistic
I know this now and accept.
Sadly Im glad the beast still lives
for I have my daughters for him to protect

I'll stand before God
when I face judgement day.
Then and only then
can the beast and I part ways.

Authored by: Rickyd


Inspired by Spirit.

Those things we see are there even if others cant see them.
(quoted from Spirit)

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