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Miss Sexy Sabrini's blog: "Life"

created on 03/27/2008  |  http://fubar.com/life/b201862

Ive just been thinking alot lately.. and i been learning what ppl r like... life is so hard to live at times.. and alot of times u just wanna b loved but others u just wish u can b accepted as one of the others... and not always b a persons second choice.. the one they never would have chose if they had a decision... wish i can b someones number one and b loved the way i need ...instead of me always loving everyone else... i care and i care for everyone... and its like most ppl dont even see it... wish they really saw the good person i am... the good i have done and will do in the future.. wish they can see how lonely i get all alone.. how much i wish things can b different .. how i wish life didnt always revolve round money....mayb things would b different if ppl can see past the shell at whats inside... mayb if ppl cared a little more... we wouldnt have the types of problems we have today... mayb sometimes ppl should take a step back and think bout how others feel instead of just themselves and what they can get..how the good always get hurt and never find that one place where something is good or nice.. how ppl wait a lifetime just to have the happiness they always dreamed of....

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