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36 Year Old · Joined on May 24, 2006 · Born on March 29th · 3 referrals joined!
36 Year Old · Joined on May 24, 2006 · Born on March 29th · 3 referrals joined!

Before i tell u anything my worst memory is when i met SlipKnot They are all like 7,0 TALL sum 7,5 and im 5,8 heres the story I MET SlipKnot with Faith and she was running to geta pic with them and she was like COME ON SKY!! i was like haha FUCK no! (they scare me ) and all of a sudden i walk away and then Corey (lead singer) and the guitar peeps GRAB ME and carry me away and im like gunna cry and we tooka pic and after he was like for being so brave and cuz ure soo cute we will buy u an ice cream and i was like OK :) My name is Sky i am 19 i go to Ryerson University and io studie Musical Arts and Physics. I work part time as a HipHop Coreographer *sorry if i spelt that wrong LOL* I am currently not looking for a BF cuz i have more important thing to care about like The bills i pay and my future and my family and my job and my pets and mostly myself . I dotn think i would want to worry aboiut a guy my whole life. i wanna be FREE!!!! I have tanned skin i see through Blue Eyes I brush Bleach blonde hair but sumtimes i put brown highlights in it or black underneaith and sumtimes pink :) hair I am 5,8 I have a little sister named Alyssa who livges with my mom I have 3 dogs ones a pug ones a Saint Bernard and the other is a Sibirian Husky their names are Puggy, Killer and Duches i love them dearly My fave bands are BillyTalent AvrilLavigne Ozzy Ozbourne ACDC Guns N Roses Ourladypeace 3doorsdown Sum41 RobZombie SimplePlan Tyra Banks *also a model* I HATE U HILARY DUFF U MUST BURN IN HELL! sorry :) and loads more peopel My hobbies are Swimming workingout playing loads of videogames the computer my school studies cuz i have no other choice but to do the damn thing My job Coreography drawing Singing Instrumental *im a drummer and electric guitar players belive it....ORNOT* Taking care of elderly people cuz i adore them Planting Listening to music .. Going to clubs Rocking my ass off i'm the type of person you'll hate until you love. you could call me vain. i like wearing undies and staying up all night on the phone. i know how to get what i want. i don't take anything too seriously. i know when to be mature and when to have fun. i have a huge imagination, and i'm the only thing that gets in my way. i have ugly pictures and pretty friends. my friends are my world. i live for the summer. i love suprises. suprise me. =]

36 Year Old · Joined on May 24, 2006 · Born on March 29th · 3 referrals joined!
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