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Choco Chanel SFG's blog: "Romance for All"

created on 03/06/2009  |  http://fubar.com/romance-for-all/b282272  |  1 followers
Hope you enjoy the read Last night I arrive at the destination, nervous with excitement, maybe anticipation, with my heart pounding rapidly wondering “what am I about to walk in to?” Luckily, I had one of my sidekicks with me for back up Kudos to the locale I must say very “Posh” atmosphere, which is important. I have no idea why I had horrible visions of a hole in the wall joint, cold, dark & Musty with black lights to set the ambience, with the pungent smell of the partying the night before. Boy, was I totally mistaken. The hostess showed us the way into the lounge. The lounge had comfortable chairs with tables for you and your date. You have your own private table with your first "date". You'll spend the first few minutes listening to an amusing spiel and an explanation on how the evening works. I spent anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes per date discussing interests, the usual stuff to see if there is some type of connection or spark.."Wow, he is handsome" I thought to myself.. lol So I met a total of 10 guys,out of the 10 guys 4 I really felt a connection with "hmmm, I wonder?" At the end of each round, they ring a bell and the men will rotate to the next table. This is done all evening (with a short breakie halfway through) until you have met all the Speed daters . . . or have passed out from sheer exhaustion By the way at the beginning we are given a note sheet to record notes about the people we meet and a selection sheet where we can indicate the people with whom we would like further contact. At the end of the evening, the host will collect the selection sheets and then process the matches. If two people mutually select each other, it's a match! Within 48 hours I will supposedly receive an E-mail listing the contact information of the people with whom I have matched. It's then up to me to pursue my future husband…. Just kidding (hey you never know) So I shall see what happens. My final thought “The event turned out pretty good and I didn’t even have to get drunk ” remembering my party years of the past.
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