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37 Year Old · Female · From Tupelo, MS · Joined on March 25, 2006 · Born on April 24th
37 Year Old · Female · From Tupelo, MS · Joined on March 25, 2006 · Born on April 24th

I am Shauna Cori Wilburn. I live in Tupelo, Mississippi.I am addicted to Mt. Dew.I love music.I'm currently unemployed and a college drop out!I love my friends -- they are my ♥family♥.I'm impatient and spoiled. I hate people who shove their beliefs down other's throats.I'm supposed to be on medication for some personal issues dealing with myself.I'm overcoming a bad reputation. I love boys and girls.I'm 19 (4/24/1986).I'm manic-depressic (bi-polar). I have one brother and one sister.I have a fucked up family situation.I LOVE to party.I love movies.I wear a size 10 shoe.I love hugs.I love for people to play with my hair.I go to Dr. Loves every Monday night (gay night).I love the fall. I will do almost anything to make someone feel better.I hate people who put down others just because they can.I'm really white. No, I'm serious.I love my friends and would do ANYTHING for them.I am not afraid of dying.I'm really good at math.I love learning about other religions.I grew up in an Southern Baptist family.I love other cultures. Hence the reason I want to be an anthropologist.I hate my father.I am scared to death of my step-mom.I don't hate Mississippi as much as I used to.Yet, I still want out of Mississippi

37 Year Old · Female · From Tupelo, MS · Joined on March 25, 2006 · Born on April 24th
Betrayal On My Honor Stealbourn Misfits Michale Graves Gotham RD. 3 Inches of Blood A Perfect Circle All that Remains Atreyu Avenged Sevenfold Black Label Society Bleeding Through Blood Has Been Shed Children of Bodom Cradle of Filth Damageplan Decide Dimmu Borgir Drowning Pool Eighteen Visions Everytime I Die Fear Factory God Forbid HIM Himsa In Flames Killswitch Engage Kittie Korn Lamb of God Machine Head Martyr A.D. Megadeth Probot Satyricon Shadows Fall Slipknot Soulfly Superjoint Ritual The Agony Scene The Black Dahlia Murder The Dillinger Escape Plan Trivium Twelve Tribes Unearth Ill Nino Hatebreed From Autumn to Ashes Murderdolls Seether Stone Sour DevilDriver Type O Negative Nine Inch Nails Rob Zombie Insane Clown Posse Kottonmouth Kings Horror Pops Life of Agony Chimaira As I Lay Dying Arch Enemy Mudvayne Story of the Year Mushroomhead Nirvana Pearl Jam Jack Johnson Metallica ACDC Marilyn Manson Megadeth Killswitch Engage Motograter Korn Sevendust Staind Disturbed Static-X Linkin Park Bush Sublime Motley Crew Janes Addiction Devil Driver Chevelle Shinedown Powerman 5000 Pantera Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne Greenday Sepultura Evanescence Finch AFI The Used My Ruin KISS Guns N Roses Slayer System of a Down Iron Maiden The Donnas Dream Theatrer Blondie Joan Jet GWAR ZZ Top Lynard Skynard Pat Benatar The Offspring Godsmack Tool Rancid MxPx Bad Religion Bloodhound Gang Alice In Chains Nine Inch Nails Queen Bloodlined Caligraphy Bloody Sunday My Chemical Romance Fall Out Boy Fourtoomany This Day Will Burn Winter Solstice The Dishwashers Something Like That Incubus Jimi Hendrix No Doubt Flogging Molly Ween The Doors Rolling Stones The Beatles Pink Floyd Creed White Zombie Bon Jovi Eagles Journey Third Eye Blind Three Days Grace Sound Garden Rise Against Opeth Otep Rage Against the Machine
I don't have any idols.

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