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Sonny's blog: "Random Thoughts"

created on 09/02/2019  |  http://fubar.com/random-thoughts/b371534

To all of those who have me in family, I want to say thank you for your patience, while I was inactive. I appreciate you, and want you to know that...


  I purchased a house in mid-January, but it was missing 3 gates for the fence, so I had to get those installed. Due to COVID, they were backed up, so mid-March was the first available chance for that to happen. In the meantime, I took the chance to start moving, so that it would not be rushed, and I was able to continue FU-ing. Once those gates were installed, after a short delay, I kicked into overdrive.


I started living in my house during the first week of April, but there was a lot of confusion with the transfer of my cable and internet, so I was living on Gilligan's Island for a few days. Then I got the COVID vaccine, and that put me down for a few days. After that, I worked most days until 7pm, then from 7-10pm, I would pack, clean, move, and unpack. All this time, I only had my cars to move stuff. I did not want to rent a truck, and try to cram everything into a few hours, or a day. I waited this long, so I could afford to be patient a little longer.


Today, May 2nd, I moved my appliances and furniture, and paid my final month of rent. No more paying rent, and a mortgage. No more paying for electric, gas, water, and trash, at 2 places. No more breaking my back for 3 hours each night. Now I can organize everything, and take my time doing it. I can relax, and FU.


For those of you who did not remove me, and had faith that I would be back soon, I thank you. For those who removed me after a week, you know who you are, please do not add me back. I have been running for 3 years, and have run 400-500 famps, but you dropped me. That stings a little, but not nearly as much as it will sting, watching me run the next 400-500 famps, while you sit on the sidelines. On a side note, the whole time I was running those famps, I was saving for a house. From February until now, I was paying on 2 places, and all of the bills that go along with it, while still running. Today just cut my bills by well over $1K per month, and now I have more time to relax and FU, so yeah, there's that too. My loyal family will reap the benefit of their patience, so again I want to say thank you, and I truly do appreciate everything you have done, and continue to do for me. Thank you so much! =)


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