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This is the third or fourth recipe that I've used from Hello, Cupcake and I loved it.  It's simple and adorable!  This time I made the "Box of Chocolates".

This is just a phone picture...hopefully I'll upload more later.

It's mini yellow-butter cake cupcakes with chocolate ganache.  I decorated with marshmallow hearts (cut in half so they weren't so thick), juju hearts, white icing, sparkle sugar that I colored red, and cupid mix m&ms.  I didn't do the marshmallow step they recommended because the marshmallows were too big for my cupcakes.  I think it turned out cute anyway.

I bought a Spongebob heart shape box of candies (the only one left, on sale...YAY!) and put the cupcakes in and surrounded them with pink and red jelly bellys.


This is *sorta* the snuggle-wrap blanket from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones except it's bigger and it doesn't have a tie.



I am not 100% done.  I have to finish the edges and make it shorter because this one is mine...but you get the idea.  It's hanging on my dresser.  The one I'm making for B will be navy with orange sleeves and a print pocket



P.S. it's supposed to be 60 degrees on Sunday ;x

Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch and Bitch closeup of center:

For those of you who didn't get to see it in Witty's album...which you can check out here:

witty screen name

@ fubar

This is the birthday card I made her...and forgot to sign Hugh's name :: face palm ::

"Just a side note on the cake. It was dark chocolate. So dark it was black. 3 layers of moist deliciousness. The frosting wasn't butter cream, it was as if butter cream had made sweet love to a cloud and then that cloud gave birth to a fluffy dark chocolate baby and then that baby was spread by Zeus himself on the layers of yummy cake. Waitress did me right on the whipped cream too."

This card is based loosely on that...and the phrase that some of you may be familiar with, "The cake is a lie."



Some details: wing - plastic canvas, flowers - buttons, stripes - ricrack tail - white pom poms "seaweed" - trim
So I don't really know how to crochet, but I saw this project and it just consists of a single crochet chain...that I can do...so I did. doubled close-up and tripled
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