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stars shimmer and glisten the moon lights the way at night i dream of tommorows of peace and then i hear a loud plight screams ravage the dreams the untold torn fights where dreams end and reality bites. gazing across the stormy skies noone hears my soul as it cries without hope there is nothing not even a dream as tommorows nightmares become reality it seems.
It goes in dry and comes out wet! The longer it is the stronger it gets! It comes out dripping and starts to sag! ITs not what you think! Its a fuckin TEA BAG!
i love you more than the depths of eternal seas that have flowed eternally through time and silences....time is irrelevant,as our love has no concept of time... i dont want you to save me i want to save you i dont expect anything from you i want to give you everything i dont want you to cry i want to cry for you i dont want you to feel alone i will feel alone for you i dont want you to go through heartbreak i will go through heartbreak for you i dont want you to feed me i want to feed you i dont want you to suffer i will suffer for you silences brings back memories of moments flowing back that is us...


A thousand tears fall onto the floor, a smile that shines bright, a look of passion trembles within, hope renewed , joys found, unexplored depths opening the gate, reaching hands wishing to touch, happiness so near yet so far, the order of balance is yet to even, sadness of forgeting something that should never have been forgotten, stretching out so far just to find a glimpse of confirmation of the truth, my mind in a turmoil yet calm with peace, have never felt before both extremes of depth each way in a unique sequence of time/present past all proposing life reflection of what it can be to feel nearer to that of which somehow was always known, corrupted laws, chemicals, upbringing all take away who we really are...trying to reach and find the true me within the very core of my soul,before tarnished with human life..i want to break free from the chains that bind me...


Unspoken admirations, unsaid true emotions, deep longings kept inside, my soul screams for it to be set free, cravings yearn for the touch my inner being wanting to escape like tearing through the skin i feel the escape becoming nearer, Emotions, Feelings so deep undescribable in everyway, I want to be set free to express them i want to let go of fears, i feel my heart thumping yet i feel my thought twisting, please set me free of this, hear me screaming form inside ...tears run dry...The dream i have always dreamt will come true the day i set my fears free.
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