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A rabbit walks into a bar and asks for a pint and cheese and ham toastie. The barman is amazed, but serves his new customer. At either end of the bar two locals look on in disbelief. Next day, the rabbit again goes to the bar and asks for a pint and a cheese and ham toastie. The barman's serves him and is pleased to note that word is spreading and there are 5 other customers in the bar to see the rabbit. On the third day, the bar is pretty busy when the rabbit arrives and asks for a pint and a cheese and ham toastie. As he drinks his pint and eats his toastie the crowd watch in amazement and even give a small round of applause as the rabbit puts down his empty beer glass. After about a week of this the rabbit has to push his way to the bar, there are so many customers there to see him. The barman is delighted. He's made more money this week than in the previous year! The rabbit again asks for a pint and a cheese and ham toastie, but...The barman has no more ham, so he offers the rabbit a cheese and onion toastie. "Will I like it?", asks the rabbit. "Oh, yes!" exclaims the barman and the crowd nod in anticipation. So the rabbit eats his cheese and onion toastie, drinks his pint, and leaves the pub. Never to return again. As the weeks go by the numbers in the pub go down and down, until one night some months later when the barman has poured only 4 drinks. And three were for him. He decides to call time and close up early. As he switches off the lights he notices a small white cloud' hovering near the bar. As he looks closer he sees it is a ghost rabbit. "What are you doing here?", he asks the ghost. "Don't you remember me?" says the ghost in a thin wispy voice, "I used to come here for a pint and a cheese and ham toastie". " I do" says the barman, "You brought in so many customers, this was the most popular bar in the county. What happened, why didn't you come back?" I died" said the rabbit even more quietly. "Oh that's so sad", said the barman. Fearing that the slightly inebriated rabbit may have been run over by a car he asked, "How did you die?" And the rabbit said.... Scroll Down Keep goin..... lil bit more..... Mixin-me-toasties
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