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Here it is not even a month of Demon Tab's passing, that I am confronted in a friend request no less, for me to remove "my stuff"..  stuff consists of my pic of him and my status I suppose.  "please let tom rest in peace..take your stuff down ..it's time..i know it hurts but he wouldnt want this"

Well.... I could not let it go without saying something so I posted this into my new friend's status because it irked me that someone would add me to just say that and btw.. not even rate my damned profile.. lol   She is no longer on my friends list and will most likely be blocked. I don't need this from a stranger and I'm sure Tab wouldn't like it much either.


"Tess Tab was my friend and I don't think he would mind me keeping "it" up, but I will be taking it down on Sept 1st. maybe. A lot of people still do not know what happened to him, so they see this and then ask. I also think I would know what Tom would say if he was asked to do this about a friend of his.,,,,,,,,, " 29 mins ago 

No response........... yet. lol


TAB, this is for you hun.. I know you would be tellin me, You go girl!! and laughing up a storm at the nerve of some.......... 


Maybe this really isn't worth anything to some of you but to the ones that knew Demon Tab, it will be. I just wanted to share. :)


Thank you ThunderWoman for doing all that you did to find out what happened to Tab. *hugs*


Here is Toms obit/guestbook. He passed away in Tampa, Florida but was from Delaware where he now rests forever.




Here is the funeral home's obit and guestbook too.




You made days a lot funner for a lot of people because you gave it your all, without asking for anything in return.

You are the only man on Fubar that was a gentleman to me since day one of us ever chatting a long time ago. For that, you are respected my dear, deeply and always.

I am sad you are gone.

It hasn't been the same without you nor will it ever be but at least now we know thanks to your friend in NC who called the sheriff in our county and state to do a well check on you just from a phone number! Lots of love goes to her for doing this!

Wished things would have been happier for you in this life, but just know though, you are loved by many.. women and men alike because of the kind of man you really ARE.



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