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I Probably H8 U's blog: "Questions"

created on 04/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/questions/b207296

Have you ever stumbled across someone in r/l or online and thought to yourself this person is important and they are meant to be in my life? That is where im at now and its honestly a feeling like ive never known. To share so many things in common to laugh about the same things to have the same twisted humor its amazing. I think i finally found someone i can be my true self with. Its not often that you meet someone and after one converstaion know that they are amazing its truly rare to find people like that especially nowadays. I appreciate the people in my life everyone i have in it is here for a reason i dont keep parttime friends anymore. But meeting someone as wonderful as this particular person has been a huge highlight in my life. People from all walks of life from various backgrounds religions sexual orientations they are all just people some good some bad but we are all just people and we reserve the right not to subscribe to labels. Dont take your friends for granted and dont ever think that something is too good to be true because that is not always the case feel things out see what happens you never know until you try right.

Im usually a good friend for the most part i have had my moments where i just feel like telling my friends to shut the fuck up and deal life isnt easy dude i mean seriously everyone has shit they have to deal with on a regular basis why should you whine and cry all the time about the same shit over and over and over again. Im pissed because i feel like im always there for everyone else and when i have an issue its like they are all too busy for me. Its cool im going to start being busy when their life is fuckered up and im just not going to give a shit. On another note im guess im glad that people feel that they can turn to me its a good feeling i suppose. im just over the same junk get new problems for me to deal with. Oh yeah i will be sending my bill at the end of the month for my services lol i should go to school to be a counselor or something...
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