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50 Year Old · Female · From Chicago, IL · Owned by Strezz and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on March 28, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 4th · 17 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 20 different people have a crush on me!

I love to surround myself with fearless individuals with fierce intellects who appreciate my vicious sense of humor. I believe you're never to old to play dress-up...as u can probably tell from my pics!
If you ever see a status or post from me and think "Is this bit@h kidding?" The answer is prolly yes...cause I don't do serious much.

Wanna hear me geek out about comics and pop culture stuff? Here's my podcasts:
DCTV Podcast: Where we discuss all of the DC comics based tv shows weekly

Comic Racks Snarkcast:
https://taylornetworkofpodcasts.com/comic-racks-snarkcast/(it's also available on itunes)

I make extra money selling nood photo sets and selling pre-made custom pics and vids on a web site.
I like what I do. I realize that it isn't for everyone but I'm a natural exhibitionist so it works out for me. If you'd like to place an order or buy content, msg or chat me and I'll send you the site info. Thanks in advance for your interest!

Caffeine is my friend, the gym and red wine seem to be my lovers these days! Just so ur warned...I am prone to perform random acts of evil and/or insanity...cause it's fun! I AM by all means taken so please don't use my shoutbox to "hey, baby" me or to invite me to chat with you on another service cause i do not yahoo...or messenger... although I do reserve the right to be flirtacious...at random! Also, I don't respond to shouts that tell me to "rate me and I'll do the same". I have control issues so I don't take commands...and I rate and leave pic comments when I gd well please. I don't keep score and I don't like effen fubar extortion ...haha, just not how I roll. I love to meet new people that I find interesting but I am NOT here to "hook-up" with anyone or to meet anyone in person.

I have spent some time as a reservist in the US Army so I do try and make time to show love to current and former service men and women cause all of you that I've met on fu and in RL are awesome!

I used to think I had no sense of direction but I've reconsidered...I now know that I have an anti-sense of direction and map quest is often not enough to keep me from getting lost. Thank the Goddess for my smart phone and it's amazing powers of GPS.

If ur a guy, b4 u ask..trust me I have no interest n swapping nudes with u. No offense but if and when I look at nudes it's almost always chics that I prefer viewing so don't waste ur time asking if I wanna c "it"! GUYS...I REPEAT, I DO NOT WANNA C UR JUNK! THX

Grew up in Galveston, Texas now live near the Chi!
If you've read ALL that proceeds this....wow, I'm proud of u!

50 Year Old · Female · From Chicago, IL · Owned by Strezz and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on March 28, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 4th · 17 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 20 different people have a crush on me!

Love vampire fiction, horror movies,tattoos, piercings,Egyptian iconography, muay thai, belly dancing, yoga, sharp objects,collecting souls. (That whole collecting souls part...probably a joke,probably!


Busta Rhymes,Eric B & Rakim, Ultramagnetic MCees,KRS-One, PE, Beastie Boys,Tribe Called Quest, Miles Davis, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, LL, Run DMC, Monie Love, X-Clan,Verbal Threat, The Outsiders, Arrested Development, Outkast,U2, Radiohead, Duran Duran, Social Distorition, Suicidal Tendencies,The Cure, Ministry,NIN, Depeche Mode, Ramones, The Sex Pistols,Korn,Janes Addiction, Bowling For Soup, The Beatles,The Eagles,Hendrix, ACDC, Ozzie,Arrowsmith, Def Leppard,The Gorillaz...way too many more to try and remember right now...lol!

Sid and Nancy, Henry and June, Rushmore, Night of the Living Dead, Nightwatch, The Lost Boys, Near Dark, From Dusk Til Dawn, Interview with a Vampire,Night Breed, Nightmare on Elm Street, Candy Man, Hellraiser, The Hills Have Eyes, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness. Equilibrium, Ginger Snaps, Ginger Snaps Back, American Psycho,Shaun of the Dead, The Devil's Rejects, Basquiat, Frieda, Alien, Alien Resurection, Queen of the Damned, The Butterfly Effect, Squealer, X-men, Spiderman 2 & 3, Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Heathers, Blue Velvet,SLC Punk, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Departed, Psycho, Night on Earth, Swimming to Cambodia, Crash,Black Snake Moan, Cat Ballou, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, The Avengers, Iron Man, Garden State,My Cousin Vinny,Romeo & Juliet, Garden of the Fintzi Continis, Joe Dirt,The Warriors, Secretary,Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Nightmare Before Christmans,Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd,Time after Time,The Big Lebowski, Chasing Amy,High Fidelity, Heavenly Creatures, Gods & Monsters, What's Eating Gilbert Grape,Bubba Ho-Tep, Basic, Restoration, Juno, Gia, Trainspotting, Seven,Fallen, 28 Days Later, Donnie Darko, O Brother Where Art Thou, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memento, The Blues Brothers, Adventures in Babysitting, Let the Right One In, Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, Piranha, Cabin in the Woods, Bellflower, The Avengers

Usually villians are more my thing so: Pinhead, Venom, Carnage Akasha & Cthulu.

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