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Well work again today isnt it grand!! Got my biggest paycheck ever with 40hrs plus 9hrs overtime. Only thing is its pretty much gone already isnt that how it goes. So hard to make so easy to spend a little on bills a little on groceries and a little on the squit squat and his training pants. I love my mikey he has to be the sweetest guy on the planet and all his adorable quirks drive me crazy and not in a bad way. He gave me a quickie before work... first time thats ever happened to me and boy did it improve my mood at work. Did i mention he is romantic he was just holding me telling me im the best thing to ever happen to him. Well drama major nothing i want to talk about just disagreements that get out of hand. Wish i could just wave a magic wand and make everyone happy no matter what. Ah if only life was like guild wars i would have all manner of spells like "Time Loop - redo last thing said or done until you dont fuck it up" or "Pacify- immediately remove the attitude from any voice within range" there are a ton others but you get my point. Well lifes not like that so.... anyways i love mike... Hold me till the sun comes up Even then dont let me go Hold me in the daylight And let all of it show Every kiss every carress Not ashamed of a thing Not afraid of how you make me feel Or the happiness you bring No matter what i want to be yours Till the last beat of my heart Even then i feel deep down We'll never be apart
His con was insane the first time I felt it, but I knew that deck was stacked when he first dealt it So deal it again Mikey I'm sure you won't cheat Cause I'm precious to you like a harvest of wheat to a farmer so starved he'd sell for dimes to anyone who'd buy more than a few times So treasure me baby cause you know love can be fleeting Like menstrattion three days after you start bleeding But that's ok cause you held me anyway Even though we needed a towel You rocked my world anyhow But not on mom's bed cause you had respect Even though any of my hope for that was wrecked But you renewed my faith in having what I need You are one man who will care when I bleed. Not because it ruing your night but because you want me to be alright Thank you from saving me from the blankness of fear For being you, loving me, and just for being here.
WEll this is my first blog on FUBAR whoo this site does rock!! Thank you to my Emperor (you know who you are) for bringing me here and for coming into my life. Ive been down for a while and the prospect of a relationship with you has brightened my spirits. I cant wait to see you on Sunday... oh oh oh thats tomorrow how exciting. Well i must be getting ready for work here is small poem to entertain while i am gone... Roses are red Violets are blue Remember in the bathroom When it was just us two I know you do Cause i do too *winks*
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