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Canadian's blog: "more about me"

created on 11/30/2006  |  http://fubar.com/more-about-me/b29701
My name is Jason. I was born in Toronto, ON. I lived there until I was 12 yrs. Old. Then I moved to pickering Ontario and I lived there until I was 27 yrs old. Now I'm living in Oshawa, Ontario. My parents were divorced just after I turned 7. My dad got custody of us. Don't ask me how, but he did though. Lol. When I was 8 yrs old I started smoking. Since then I quiet for about a yr in total. But I'm still smoking though. I've been smoking in total of 22 yrs now. When I was 11 I fell on some monkey bars and lost one of my kidney do to the impact of the fall. During the operation, the doctors lost me twice. They operated on me for 16 hrs straight. When I was 13 yrs old. I started to drink alcohol. I did this until I was 18. Just b4 I was legal to buy it. The reason I quiet this is b/c I didn't see the point in me drinking anymore b/c it didn't do anything for me. But slowly kill me, cause of my one kidney. The reason for this, my liver is working over time, cause of the one kidney. I graduated high school just b4 I turned 20. The reason for this is that I enjoyed it to much and that I knew I wouldn't really see all of my friends again. B/c we all would be going our different ways. :( At the age of 23. I was engaged to one of my X's. At this point we broke up and we were having a child together. But a couple of weeks after we broke up. Our son was a still born. Ever since then my life has been going down hill. Since my parents have been divorced, my mother has only called me twice since that time and has only emailed me about 10 times. I don't hold it against her at all. I know the reason for this. It is b/c of my step father. He pretty much has control over her and doesn't want much to do with us kids at all. Even though we r not kids anymore. Lol. Now that I'm 30. I've owned 4 cars. I'm saving up for a house. Also I've been doing everything on my own. If u want to know more about me just don't be afraid and ask me question. Jason
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