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Miss Sexy Sabrini's blog: "Life"

created on 03/27/2008  |  http://fubar.com/life/b201862

ok so i no a guy i really really like and he nos who he is. well he has a friend that is always like hatin on my bc i like him... like litterally comin 2 me and bitchin me out. well apperantly its wrong to ask for return luv when u luv so many ppl a day... like i literally rate a ton of pics a day and hardly get any return luv.. like whats with that? and well she watches my status so she starts trouble according to that .. ive noticed it.. and then theres the leaving comments... if im nice enough to leave a comment on ur page ... dont bitch bout it bc i wont rate u at all... just bc sum of ur friends dont like me doesnt mean u have 2 take that out on me.... u no its hard to shut off the emotions somebody has when they like u and wanna do anything for u ... but when ppl sit there and treat u like shit it isnt worth it.. i am not the kind of person who would hurt another person.. in fact i help complete strangers all the time since i help run the business and all.... its nice to help ppl but when ppl sit there and degrade u bc u like someone or all that .. it makes helpin others not as fun anymore.. bc as they say it only takes one person 2 ruin it... what is it that makes ppl think they rule others or can decide what other ppl like or want to do? i have no idea.. but everybody who reads this .. id like to hear ur opinions.. plz leave me comments and let me no what they r..

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