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92CXYD RateClub's blog: "Polishing and Chase Blog"

created on 08/26/2016  |  http://fubar.com/polishing-and-chase-blog/b368210  |  70 followers
10Ct Midnight Diamond Polisher
Polish 1x 10Ct Midnight Diamond bling items when it's featured in a member's favorite bling list.

just visit these pepes who have Midnight Diamond but make sure the diamond in favourites. Just polish 1 and done. 


2019 The Touching Was Completely Consentual
Polish 10x Perfect Legs bling items in one day.

Really easy 100AP, use these links:

https://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=5574    (have at least 10 in normal section)

I made a quick list of zodiacs to work off of, by no means a complete list. 

This list has 1 to 23 zodiacs in their favourites and were unlocked to me at the time I made the list. 

Online spreadsheet



Just what is in favorites # in Favorites
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1285270 29
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3284232 23
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3709434 23
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7060186 23
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=11102629 22
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1532817 19
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1024639 18
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1311475 18
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9364836 17
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2231588 15
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10920212 13
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7248425 12
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10934596 11
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1265819 11
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=5759128 11
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=12256263 8
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9051954 8
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9803292 8
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=12266526 7
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3722128 7
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=6412728 7
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=11109154 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=12373330 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=13175966 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2020768 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3728226 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=5838573 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=8657240 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=8791829 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9056241 6
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=11150015 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1539027 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1627993 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2420210 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3430364 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3590313 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=6056500 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7408023 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7619841 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9264789 5
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1232711 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=12922001 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1317341 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2716866 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2880897 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3584064 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=5901672 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7982449 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9920421 4
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10021822 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10482466 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1066593 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10828041 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=11684211 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=12704211 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1494994 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=15091317 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1700149 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1735681 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2346640 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2828309 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3632081 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3636946 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=3820741 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=508174 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=5553970 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=6019042 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7455404 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7710062 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9080461 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9368492 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9388097 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9412856 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9447801 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9887320 3
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1142924 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1187859 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=12808476 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1299958 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1353262 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=13583391 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=191063 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1928200 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2384376 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2427489 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2733680 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2872918 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=289951 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=315127 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=354774 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=6288595 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=6495210 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7176777 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=8214825 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=8929470 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9438332 2
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=1009713 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10470835 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10528370 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=10763227 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=117825 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=12006125 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=13695795 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2067018 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2646094 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=2724942 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=397938 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=610579 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=6192542 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=6211803 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=7798887 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=8097210 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=8144111 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=8397694 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=882486 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=89575 1
https://fubar.com/bling.php?u=9259249 1
Total 591


Liking Bling is similar to polishing except no worrries on bling being locked. 

But you can only like the bling once, unless using a bling dazzler.

So if you use the same strategy laid out in the previous post, Polishing Effeciently , you can again make massive points will running a bling dazzler.

With an added little bonus you can also like God Modes in Power Ups worth 250crd.

Most peeps have their 25crd and up bling in their favorites and GM are usually easy to find in their Powerups.

Done right with decent bonus and other multipliers you could clear 80T when everything aligns up right.

See Polishing Effeciently for links. 

UPDATE 3/9/19

Links to all 273 Profiles with Exotics spreadsheet

A recent Saruday I was polishing to help raise 75Trillion pts for a few friends.

A Power Up Usage bonus was active, so I ran a Mega Polisher and Skeletton Key.

Originally I wanted to get an achievement for polishing Sea Goddess, since that was the only Exotic polish achievements I don't have done. Polish all Favorites while I'm at it.

Then I was going to to do my 2012 25+crd bling polishes, I wanted to make a lot more points.

So I thought to myself, if I go thru all the different exotics lists I would a get a lot of duplicate searching.  It would waste a lot of time searching.

So I tried a new list:

All 12 Unique Exotic bling 

11 Unique Exotic bling 

10 Unique Exotic Bling 

9 Unique Exotic Bling

8 Unique Exotic Bling

Cube, Pony, The Living Dead, Big Red, Sticky Icky, Golden Skull and Golden Widow

The Big 6 Exotic Bling

Cube, Pony, The Living Dead, Big Red and Sticky Icky

Cube, Pony, The Living Dead and Big Red

Cube, Pony and The Living Dead 


UPDATE 3/9/19

Link to 273 profiles with exotics, arranged from 49 to 1, for polishing with MP/SK and need to make max. points. here 


So if you do not have much of the the bling Exotic polishes done, I'd start with the bottom of the list because there is 92 profiles with 3 or more Exotics. (at time of posting of this)


Strategy for polishing Blind box collections is to go to accounts with rare bling of the collection you are woking on. Because without the rare bling you will not get credit for polishing a set. And it is easier to keep track of how many collections you are getting credit for if you have a list of rare bling for each collection.

Here is the list:

Legendary Treasure Hunter

Lunar New Year 

Body Mod Pro

Hot Boxin'



Feelin' Lucky

Summer Rager

Sushi Boat

Tropical Cocktails

Halloween Bash

Just Desserts

Holiday Hoser

Blast Off!!!


Egg Hunt



Ok you could try keeping track of the those who have complete collections of each, but you will leave a lot of potential on the table, or impssible for one of the collections.

Tropical Cocktails, there is no completed collections and only 4 people who 2 cocktails.

So keeping track of rare cocktails is a must. You can polish all the cocktails you want but if are not getting enough rare one then you are wasting your time. 

I usually work from the latest Blind Box rare list and the Tropical Cocktails.


For the 2012 25cr+ bling, I use the the leaderboards: 

Bling Collectors  (overall column)



Both of these has a lot of profiles that have been on here long enough to have some of the 2012 and older 25crd+ bling.

I do find some old profiles that have some of those, when I do my re-invites, usually on the last page of area I'm looking at. See my Re-Invites blog 


Would love to see a vintage section in bling for 2013 and older since some peeps have so much bling that it takes forever to filter to find what you want. 


I know there is other ways for some, and I'll add in if people would like, just let me know. 




If you notice there is a good many bling collectors getting a tonne of points daily because they have thier bling unlocked.

And more importantly they have them organized to get more people running Mega Polshers to come to their page.

Organizing your Favorites are they best way for people to come and polish/like your bling effeciently without have to hunt deep in your bling for points.

For favorites try, having all of your (if you have these):


Skeleton King

Love Monster


Golden Head

50+crd bling (if there is room)

Trucker Mustache

E.L.E. , fubar Coat of Arms Bearer, 2018 Independence Day, Crown of Royalty (Special Polish)

2012 and older 25+crd bling (if there is room)

2013 and older 20+ crd bling (if there is room)

Rare Blind Box bling from each collection (if there is room) 


All of these have achievements attached to them for the polisher and a bunch for the bling owner. 

You will find if you have your favorites organized and unlocked you will get more people visiting your porfile and polishing your bling regurely.

Which means regular stream of pts/fubucks and some achievements earned here and their. 


If I missed anything let me know in the comments ;-) 


When I'm polishing without any Powerups like a Mega Polisher or Skeleton Key,  I look for 25cr+ 2012 or older bling, blind boxes and Sea Goddess since that is the only polishing achievements left.


When I'm polishing with a Mega Polisher/God Mode/Skeleton Key, I polish all the Exotics I see, blind boxes, and 25cr+ 2012 or older bling, I and find.

 The reason for polishing all exotics is because since the update to Mega Polisher went into play, the possibility of some getting thier exotic bling polised 1k, 5k, and 10x times is fully possible.  So I do this to help others in their achievement long game. 


I'm starting to think that there is a lot of memebers who are not aware of these achievements. 

Dirty Pony
Get your fupony polished 1,000 times.
Pony Wash
Get your fupony polished 5,000 times.
Pony Cleanse
Get your fuPony polished by 10,000 times.
Pony Scrubber
Get your fuPony polished by 25,000 times.
Pony Scrubber Extreme
Get your fuPony polished by 50,000 times
High Value Shine
Get your 25 credit or higher bling polished 5,000 times.
High Value Sparkle
Get your 25 credit or higher bling polished 10,000 times.
High Value Scrubber
Get your 25 credit or higher bling polished 25,000 times.
High Value Scrubber Extreme
Get your 25 credit or higher bling polished 50,000 times.
Dirty Cube
Get your cube polished 1,000 times.
Cube Scrubber
Get your cube polished by 25,000 times.
Cube Cleanse
Get your cube polished by 10,000 times.
Cube Wash
Get your cube polished 5,000 times.
Cube Scrubber Extreme
Get your cube polished 50,000 times.
Skeleton King Polished 1000x
Get your Skeleton King Polished 1000x.
Skeleton King Polished 5000x
Get your Skeleton King Polished 5000x.
Skeleton King Polished 10000x
Get your Skeleton King Polished 10000x.
Zombie Scrubber Extreme
Get your The Living Dead polished 50,000 times.
Zombie Scrubber
Get your The Living Dead polished 25,000 times.
Zombie Cleanse
Get your The Living Dead polished 10,000 times.
Zombie Wash
Get your The Living Dead polished 5,000 times.
Dirty Zombie
Get your The Living Dead polished 1,000 times.
Big Red Scrubber Extreme
Get your Big Red polished 50,000 times.
Big Red Scrubber
Get your Big Red polished 25,000 times.
Big Red Cleanse
Get your Big Red polished 10,000 times.
Big Red Wash
Get your Big Red polished 5,000 times.
Dirty Big Red
Get your Big Red polished 1,000 times.
Get your trucker mustache bling polished 1000x
Get your trucker mustache bling polished 1000x.
Sticky Icky Scrubber Extreme
Get your Sticky Icky polished 50,000 times.
Sticky Icky Scrubber
Get your Sticky Icky polished 25,000 times.
Sticky Icky Cleanse
Get your Sticky Icky polished 10,000 times.
Sticky Icky Wash
Get your Sticky Icky polished 5,000 times.
Dirty Sticky Icky
Get your Sticky Icky polished 1,000 times.
Golden Skull Scrubber Extreme
Get your Golden Skull polished 50,000 times.
Golden Skull Scrubber
Get your Golden Skull polished 25,000 times.
Golden Skull Cleanse
Get your Golden Skull polished 10,000 times.
Golden Skull Wash
Get your Golden Skull polished 5,000 times.
Dirty Golden Skull
Get your Golden Skull polished 1,000 times.
Sacred Arrowhead Polish 250X
Get your Sacred Arrowhead bling polished 250 times.
Golden Widow Scrubber Extreme
Get your Golden Widow polished 50,000 times.
Golden Widow Scrubber
Get your Golden Widow polished 25,000 times.
Golden Widow Cleanse
Get your Golden Widow polished 10,000 times.
Golden Widow Wash
Get your Golden Widow polished 5,000 times.
BCA Savior Scrubber Extreme
Get your BCA Savior polished 50,000 times.
BCA Savior Scrubber
Get your BCA Savior polished 25,000 times.
BCA Savior Cleanse
Get your BCA Savior polished 10,000 times.
BCA Savior Wash
Get your BCA Savior polished 5,000 times.
Dirty BCA Savior
Get your BCA Savior polished 1,000 times.
FUNicorn Scrubber Extreme
Get your FUNicorn polished 50,000 times.
FUNicorn Scrubber
Get your FUNicorn polished 25,000 times.
FUNicorn Cleanse
Get your FUNicorn polished 10,000 times.
FUNicorn Wash
Get your FUNicorn polished 5,000 times.
Dirty FUNicorn
Get your FUNicorn polished 1,000 times.
Lost Cherry Scrubber Extreme
Get your Lost Cherry polished 50,000 times.
Lost Cherry Scrubber
Get your Lost Cherry polished 25,000 times.
Lost Cherry Cleanse
Get your Lost Cherry polished 10,000 times.
Lost Cherry Wash
Get your Lost Cherry polished 5,000 times.
Dirty Lost Cherry
Get your Lost Cherry polished 1,000 times.
Timeless Butterfly Scrubber Extreme
Get your Timeless Butterfly polished 50,000 times.
Timeless Butterfly Scrubber
Get your Timeless Butterfly polished 25,000 times.
Timeless Butterfly Cleanse
Get your Timeless Butterfly polished 10,000 times.
Timeless Butterfly Wash
Get your Timeless Butterfly polished 5,000 times.
Dirty Timeless Butterfly
Get your Timeless Butterfly polished 1,000 times.


The reason I listed all above was because there is a lot of achievements point you are missing as an owner of any or all of the above bling. 

Sometime I see members complaining they can not get achievements fast enough and they have their bling locked up all the time.

This is how make AP without doing anything. 

Another thing to consider when you keep your bling locked, and have a tonne of potentional points to be made in polishing:

You lose out when there is people with Mega Polisher and Skeleton Keys.

And the person who gave/traded you those Exotics also lose out on points. 

Their was a time when locking up your bling was a good idea due to people profitting off selling people times when to polish a particular exotic. 

But thise people are out of business, because of changes made to Mega polisher and blogs like this. 



Do you ever notice who are always in top 10 bling likes or ranked when low pts is up?

Large bling collectors who leave their bling open.


Sorry about the ramblings, but I truely believe a lot of bling collectors realize they are shooting themselves in the foot, 





I'm not trying single out or shame anyone, I understand every one is playing the game their way. 



Love Monsters:            http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=294

Trucker Mustache:       http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=836

Skeleton King:           http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=505&

Sticky Icky:              http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=914

Golden Skull:            http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=1086

The Living Dead:        http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=647

FuPony:                   http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=18

FuBik's Cube:           http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=310

Big Red:                  http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=807

Golden Widow:         http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=1172

BCA Savior:            http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=1197

Lost Cherries           http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=1337

FUNicorn                 http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=1327

Timeless Butterfly    http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=2106

Sea Goddess           https://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=4451


Blind Boxes:

Legendary Treasure Hunter

Lunar New Year 

Body Mod Pro

Hot Boxin'



Feelin' Lucky

Summer Rager

Sushi Boat

Tropical Cocktails

Halloween Bash

Just Desserts

Holiday Hoser

Blast Off!!!


E.L.E https://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=3177 E.L.E. Fan Polish 5 LGBT Pride bling items (can polish your own bling).
fubar Coat of Arms Bearer https://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=3186 Coat of Arms Scrubber Polish all 4 fubar Coat of Arms LE bling items in a day (can polish your own bling)
2018 Independence Day https://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=3400 2018 Independence Day Cleaner

Polish all 4 2018 Independence Day LE bling items in a day on 1 (except self) member's page.



Crown of fubar Royalty https://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=3910 fubar Royal Family Polish 10 Crown of fubar Royalty in a single day.


Other lists such as lists I use for polishing for 

2012 Bling 25 credit Polish 10x
Polish 10 bling from 2012 or earlier of 25 credit or greater value.

and higher I use:

All time Bling Collectors


also using these achievement list may help find more older profiles to polish

IF you are working on LE Polishing bling and you want to maximize your time 

Collection 250 or more LE bling: http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=379

Collection 300 or more LE bling: http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=476

Collection 400 or more LE bling: http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=477

Collection 500 or more LE bling: http://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=478


Don't for get to polish 100 1crd, Squirt Squirt bling for another 4 achievements.

Those who have 25x or more https://fubar.com/achievements_achievers.php?a=2964

That's Lemon Juice Rite?
Polish 100x Squirt Squirt bling items in a single day.
1 Credit Bling Polish 25x
Polish 25 one credit bling items (must be at least Level 51).
Clean Up In Isle 10
Polish 10x Squirt Squirt bling items in a single day.
1 Credit Bling Polish 10x
Polish 10 one credit bling items (must be at least Level 49).



A list of most of the open (to me) accounts with 160 +Golden Heads for: 

Golden Knob Polisher
Polish 10 Golden Head bling items in a day.
Golden Knobs Excite Me
Polish 100x Golden Head bling items in a day.

This maybe the hardest of the above because there is about 300, half are locked up and you have 24hrs to polish them.

Here is the list I collected, but is not super complete,  Golden Head Holders



There is no link of who has a Reaper bling, believe me I've tried many ways.

List of who I know that has them, maybe locked for some including me.

If you own a reaper and like me to have you on the list get more traffic to your bling to polish I'll add ya.

As I said before rateing and liking the reaper owners is a good idea.

Here is a list, after sifting thru top 100 + mine at the time of posting this.

There is 2 accounts towards the bottom of list that has 3 ready to polish as the time first posting this.





92CXyD Look...'s  
Lickity Split's  
StONEZ's has 4
DarkNymph's has 7
James Bond's has 3
SikcomicFE2...'s has 2
DarkNymphs Dadd...'s  
A G G S's  
Metalhead Lindsey's  
Rate Me Har...'s  
Sundaze Rok...'s has 3
1OhioFlBaFOBCandi's has 2
Johnny Wayne ne...'s  
SPARTAN's has 3
Rate Tmaxx's has 3
D R K LOVES S H...'s has 2
That Gurl F...'s has 2
S A S H A ...'s  
Damian's has 4
F U D A D D Y's  
Texas Black Widow's has 4
Mikey likes it's has 2
Bahagirl's has 3
Brooke's has 2
HarleyChick...'s has 3
Wicked Wench's  
RATE Justmike's  
x CarolLeigh X ...'s  
Ellohveeee ...'s has 3
DJ xBoobie69x F...'s  
Lifes a Bea...'s has 4
SaUcEy LiL FiLlY's  
Ian's has 2
smiling swe...'s  
Changing Lights's  
BRONZE's has 2
Bomb Plz GunCryst's  
FAN ME Jenn...'s  
Pain FM2 To...'s has 3
MsLola Fan B4...'s has 4
Cassia's has 2
Mr Snuffall...'s  
InKeDHeArT FM...'s  
NiKi MaRiE ...'s  
TinaJ's has 3
Invalid User's  
CatSaintJane FE...'s has 3
Lady D Fan ...'s has 4
Bo need 5 Reape...'s has 5
cAUSE iM tHE fC...'s  
WildandWilder F...'s  
Fan NaughtyBri's  
Jeri's has 2
Prietagela FE2 ...'s  
Juliet and Rome...'s has 3
Hazel Girl's  
BigHair Ben's has 4
Latin Queen's has 3
1k Pic Poke 24...'s has 3
Craftsman RLM2 ...'s  



My Google sheets spreadsheet link


The Oktober Fest chase is under way.

I have been doing these almost exclusively on the app, seems easier for me while working.

On the app, chose a section, like Online Girls, Online Guys, Active Power Ups, Newbies, and Online friends. 

Then chose a beer, swipe left to next profile, double tap on beer, then swipe left and repeat.

Double tap is lock in the next profile and then chose a beer.



I recieved 8 Steins and  out of 800+ profiles  , visited Active PUs, Online Friends, Rate Club, then Newbies. (in that order)

Day 2: 

I recieved no bling, visited 300+ profiles, visited Active PUs, Online Friends, and Rate Club 

Day 3:  

I recieved 22 Steins, visited 2.3k+ profiles, visited Active PUs, Online Friends, Rate Club, then Newbies. (in that order).

Recieved most of the Steins ~18 from Newbies, started at the begining swiping left on these and app kept lagging to a point it would repeat the same newbies. 

So I went to the last newbie and chose a beer swipe right and double tap my way the beginning. 

Bouncer checks every ~ 100 profiles, swipe back 2 or 3 left until you get back to seeing profile that has no beer.

Swipre right and chose a beer, bouncer check comes up, put in the correct code, then move on like you did the previous 100. 

I suspect the newbie giving out more Steins is due to get more interaction with noobs. 


Some have been asking me of about the old way of doing the number change in address bar on browser. I prefer the app double tap method. 


As for those who are wishing to do this with a 3rd party app/program/script method I highly recommend you don't!!! 

I know of at least 10 peeps who can't play this game anymore, give you a hint they are the ones who were in the top 10 last few games. 


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