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Silent Day The wind whispers gentle through the trees making them sing. Cool shadows cover the still quiet pool in evening shade. An almost calm silence fills the air except for the gentle sounds of the forest creatures. A resounding crack disturbs the silence causing a hush to fill the air. Buzzing insect, croaking frogs, chattering birds all fall silent. As if holding their collective breath waiting to see what has disturbed the peaceful day. Trembling and unsteady on quivering legs stumbles forth a new born foal. Looking around with wide frightened and unsure eyes as if to ask his mother is it safe. With softened eyes and gentle nudge she exclaims it is safe my child. Softly slowly stumbling to waters edge the foal creeps. All the creatures great and small hold still as if not to frighten the new babe. Slowly bowing down his head he sips from the cold clear water. When he is done like a creeping mist they vanish into the silent forest. As seconds tick by not a sound is made. For the world still quietly holds it's breath for fear of frightening the foal. Then as quickly as the silence came the world begins again full of nature's sounds
Rainbow Sky Sky so vast ,wide and blue. Softly colored a robin's egg hue. What are those brightly colored shapes floating by? Tugged by the wind they dance lazily across the sky. Swaying to and fro. Each attached to a child below. Smiling faces, giggling voices fills the air. To fly a kite no day is as fair. Without you oh wondrous sky there would be no place to fly. Thank you majestic sky. Because of you there will always be a happy child.
Morning Greeting Celestial body warms the bed. Gentle breeze whispers awaken you sleepy heads. Slowly they turn their heads to the sun stretching out their arms. With leaves so green and petals soft an warm. Their intoxicating scent fills the air on this early morn. As if to say a special hello to this lovely day. Each dressed in their very finest. Festive colors of every kind greet the eyes. As if to say "Look at me" "Look at me" "Here I am" "See my beautiful colors". A sight so bold as to steal the breath away from the silent observer. I call out to the lovely dancers softly swaying in the breeze. Good morning, good morning my sweet flowers I am so happy to see you again.
Welcoming the Light Oh how I would welcome the light if I could but find it. Trapped in this endless tunnel of darkness and pain. Wishing I would die but striving to go on. All that I feel is nothing but pain and despair. Sadness and anguish over flowing everywhere. Feeling the demons in my life grasping and clawing at me to keep me from the light. Wanting somehow to reach the light trying to find any reason to fight. Praying to God that there is someone there with a hand to help me reach your promise land. Needing the light but drowning in this sea of darkness. Suffocating on fear and pain. Won't somebody help me to reach for the light. How welcome it would be on my broken soul. Welcoming the light that would make me truly whole. Lord help your poor child with your gentle grace. Longing,needing,to find myself in your loving embrace. May I soon welcome the light of a new day. For when I reach your beautiful light forever I will stay.
I'm yours My dress creates a silken puddle at my feet. My vulnerable flesh bared for your eager eyes. Using your eyes you caress my naked flesh. Your heated gazes makes me want to run and hide. Frozen in place I tremble in anticipation and fear. My heart beats like the wings of a bird trying to escape it's cage. As you draw near I become drunken on your scent. It is intoxicating making me weak in the knees. I fall trembling into your strong embrace. I feel the warmth of your breath against my cheek. I turn my head to meet your hungry mouth. As greedy hands roam my burning flesh. A moan burst forth from my kiss swollen lips. I can no longer resist you as your lower me to the softened bed below. My head spins and I can not think as you slip between my silken legs. I cry out against your devouring mouth as you take me in one thrust of your hips. Burying yourself deep inside me branding me as yours. I writhe in pleasure as you claim me again and again. Until I can take no more and explode taking you with me to ecstasy. I am your's for all eternity, I am your's.
When you're not here. I lose sight of my self when you're not here. I'm lonely as can be when your not here. I have no one to talk to except myself when you're not here. I can't think or create when you're not here. I'll just never be happy when you're not here. I'm missing my heart when you're not here. I've lost my soul when you're not here. I can never just be when you're not here. I'm useless as can be when you're not here. I miss you so much I want to cry I wish you were here. I need you so much oh how I wish you were here. How I love you so much I wish you were here.
Summer Slumber A quiet buzzing fills my ears. Scent of wildflowers on the air. Warmth upon my softened skin. Rustling leaves above my head. Cool grass lies beneath me. The sounds and smells of a sweet Summer's day. All cast their spell to make a sleepy girl. Abundant curls spill upon my lap. Blue eyes closed in gentle nap. Not a single sound can wake you up. Quietly the day passes you by. But you care not a wit. For you are a child free of cares. A softened smile plays across my lips. A heart bursting forth with love for my sweet angel. For I know nothing can compare to you. Not even a sweet Summer's day. So lay still sweet babe and rest your sleepy head. Enjoy being a child while you may. For days flow by like water through space and time. Making today into the past till you are grown at last. So rest sweet child of mine and be innocent while you can. For time is at hand but in this instant is your sweet Summer slumber.
No Prison or Cage No prison or cage can hold my soul. For it is free to wander where it flows. Not gilded cage nor iron bars of any sort may cage my heart. My soul is free to roam as it should always be. There is no taming my wild and free spirit. Ferocious as a lion yet gentle as a lamb. It is everything and nothing at the same time. My soul is pure with the love of God. But perfect I am not. No one and nothing on Earth can cage my soul. Try as you might you will fail. So feel free to try but my soul you can't take. For I am the Lord's child that he has made. For no matter where you bound my body. You shall never bind my heart and soul. For it will forever be free to live and love in this world of God's. So prison walls and cage will not bind for it is the Lord who sets me free.
Lost Soul Surrounded by darkness that no light can breach. In a place where no voice can reach. A void of silence and dark abyss all around. Living in a mist no way to be found. Lost soul weeping only tears of pain and fear. Lost in sadness, loneliness and despair. Won't someone please hear my broken cries. Save me from their hate and lies. Death that embraces my soul filling me with shivers freezing cold. Icy slivers invade my mind, body, heart and soul. Not a spark of warmth or love can penetrate this forbidden place. A lost soul begging to be released from this hateful hell filled with sin. I don't know how much more I can take before the darkness swallows me and drags me down. Blackness fills my lungs freezing my heart in an instant. To late to save me it is done this soul lost forever in this absence of space. A soul lost and forsaken for all eternity.
I Dream! I dream of holding you close. I dream of wiping away your pain. I dream of holding you forever in my arms. I dream of kissing you everyday. I dream you become one with me. I dream of falling asleep in your arms. I dream of making the darkness leave your heart. I dream of us being together forever through all time. I dream of being your hope and light. I dream of making your dreams come true. I dream of the life we could have. I dream of me and you.
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