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hipeoples69's blog: "Poetry"

created on 04/13/2008  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b207004
Why do i feel this way? I am lost inside. No one to turn to. I know that people care but i feel like they don't. Why do i feel this way? Trapped in the unknown. No where to hide. Can you help me? Why do i feel this way? Everyone with there back to me. No ones face do i see. Do they care? I dont think so. Why do i feel this way? Left alone in this cold dark room. No candle for light and no fire for heat. Cold, lonely, and scared. Why do i feel this way? Looking for the answers in this big empty world. Hoping to find the will to go on. Will i ever find the life i so long for? Why do i feel this way? Please tell me why do i feel this way?
Please can you help me I think I lost my way. I wish I didn't have to feel like this, not ever, especially not today. I'm not sure what to do with myself, what emotion should I show? I don't know what way to look or what way I should go. LIVE? DIE? LAUGH? CRY? I think they all apply. I have lived and I have laughed in my happiest of days but all that has come to an end. Now I cry and shall soon die without being loved ever again.
Most days I wish I was dead. You wouldn't understand even if you were in my head. Life is no game. I feel like its always me that they blame. Sure many a mistakes I have made. But I don't think this is how I should be repaid. Why is life so hard do you know? Maybe I should just end it, maybe I should go.
I never thought my life would end life this No one hopes for pain and anguish We all pray for happiness and bliss But when life is to much All I need is a simple touch For I use this as a crutch To hide the pain and fear And you'll never see me shed a tear Listen closely for this you should hear I don't know how I rate But there is no one that I hate For they choose there own fate And if you choose to lie Then you must want me to cry For in the end I will die Life is a terrible game It doesn't care about your race or name All it wants is to point and blame And I have no love left to send Because my heart will remain torn and never mend For I am sad to go but now my life must end
Everynight I lay in bed Thoughts spinning like a web through my head Looking for a purpose of some type Wondering the meaning of life Where do we all fight Wondering why I don't just quit What is the difference between life and death If I were gone what would be left


Welcome to my hell Here is where you will stay From heaven you fell So you better pray For the devil is the cause of my pain And you will also be abused Sometimes from this you will gain But on the inside you will feel used
Everyday of life is just one day closer to death I just wanna end it all and take my last breath Everyday that I live my life just gets worse Now I shall go for I must end this life full of curse


The pain is here Caused by fear Please let it end My heart needs to mend There is no love Not even from the skies above There is one final tear For the end is near I will not lie We all must die So now I must go But you all should know Fear is pain But from that you will gain
I feel all alone even with all the love I am shown. My love for you is as endless as the sky above and as pure as a snow white dove. At night as i lay alone and cry knowing that if I ever lost you I would die. Our love shall blossom and be as beautiful as a rose for there is no one else that i would have chose. You are my life, my love, my soulmate because you are the only one that can relate. I hope our love will never end for my heart would break and never mend. Please don't ever leave my side or i would have to run and hide. I want my hand to be the only one you hold until our hair turns gray and we are old. With you until my very last breath. With you even in death.
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