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KingChaos's blog: "Poems"

created on 04/08/2008  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b205638
Haunt It robs your mind of reason It steals your self control You mumble You babble You tremble like a fool And for it all You’re left aside As you knew you would As you knew you should Self loathing Is self destruction


Null It closes in on me At times like this That feeling of nil Emptiness Solitude It surrounds me Envelops me In its cold caress Crushing me Taking me down deep Into that silent reprieve Of nothing There the ache Is not felt with the body Or mind But the soul That dull longing A need for something But what I yet don’t know
Voice on high Dulcet tones Caress the air Cutting thru the din A vision on high With wavering smile Clutching the mic before her Eyes casting about Betrays uncertainty within Giving of herself completely An artist at hand Trying to reach out Connection she so strongly needs Her eyes fall upon mine Seeking within me For assurances I give And for me it’s easy As all else fades When I see her on stage Beauty is all I know before me This Goddess on high Her heart in her hands Wanting acceptance From all before her It’s an artist’s soul To give of themselves And in doing They pass life To us all And for me I return it freely To this woman Who holds my heart So truly
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