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I Can Feel You... You're far away, but, I can feel you. You exist in my every breath, in every beat of my heart, adding a spectacular sizzle in all the right places. Even when I close my eyes, I see your face and feel the fire of your caress. Your presence is a tangible thing... yet as hard to grasp as the air. I reach for you, but you elude me. Still, I can feel you; the softness of a petal, a warm wind on my cheek, a ray in my vision, a distant light that ever draws me near.
Magic: Sometimes I sleep while the nations roll round, Mimicking bravery, muffling the sound Of unspeakable slavery... Sometimes I weep as the voice in the sky Whispers the reasons I ought not to die, Murmurs of treason, And fades to a sigh. Hesitance followed me, painfully lingering Wrapped round the dreams I was painfully fingering Wrapped round the fire that was slowly receding Wrapped round my life who lay painlessly bleeding. I lived alone when I'd no one to tell. I was my own and I built my own cell. Harsh, stark, and dim, wherein no man could hear me - Wherein no cry could reach me, wherein no sun could sear me. Many men knew me, or saw, or perceived me. Many men loved me, and fewer believed me. Their lives were insane, their faces were tragic, And I went on wandering, searching for magic. The road was my heaven - fair, far, and free, And there I imagined that I ought to be What anyone dared to desire of me. ...Fighting with lies, bathed in goodbyes Searching the people with angels for eyes... One night I gazed at a star, warm and white, And prayed to remember, and prayed to be right... Too tired of waiting. Too tired of hating. Too tired of watching my spirit abating. I let my glance wander and I cast my eyes on Some kind of magic beyond the horizon. Some breath of freedom, of life... or of truth Some breath of something I knew in my youth. It lightened my heart. It strengthened my soul. It as my own reason for living - my goal.
Who i am and what i feel no one knows but me the fear and hatred locked up inside of me death and discomfort evil and light the fight has to end tonight who i am i will now show the wolf i hold tightly not to be freed the wight wolf of the snow scared on her left eye the only eye that can cry i only cry inside my heart i don't no what its like to cry on the out for now i leave it here so you no i am not to be messed with or she will be free thank you for reading........until the day you you'll wounder who am i...
Set Me Free Why do you still haunt me so... Give me back my heart Give me back my soul Constant and chronic pain... I can no longer stand For in hoping for you... I will never gain From my mind you need to be free I must banish thoughts of you ...or only sorrow bound ...my life will be I will certainly try to make this happen To free my heart and my soul from your grip ...or my life will always be lacking It will not be easy... it will be hard But to go on... Thoughts of you I must discard
A love Between U and I We sit side by side like its always been just on my bed as I gaze upon your eyes while you gaze into mine I'm lost in your eyes and have no plan for return Kiss Me ! you grab me and pull me close our lips touch and our love has met there is no passion like ours no one will have this much love for you no one has our passion not a passion like this as our lips touch a fire for you has grown inside of me a flame that will never die out a flame that will burn on for the rest of my days in my heart soul and memory I love this I love you I love how your lips are pressed against mine so soft so full just one kiss and you have my body tingling and craving more wanting more itching for you our lips move back and forth as our tongues intertwine like children playing tag circles they run in between our lips they play as our passion rises I'm so in love with you and theres no other way I can show it so I pull way...... so our love we can make..
Aint no other man, not another one for me. When you came into my world you made forget the pain that i had inside.You became my light in the dark, stars in the night. Never going to need, another man. The only one for, style and class but mine. Not like any other, special and only for me. Enter my life like, a hurricane!! Mean the world, but always so much more. I understand tears, don't want to see me cry. Ain't no other man, no not another like you. Been my shoulder, my net when i fall hard. Come into my world, like a earthquake. Style and class, enough to keep up with me! Not another, never going to be another, like you and loved you!! You are my sun and my rock.
It takes time, it takes time, Once you fall in love, you will never rise again, One you fall in love, you will never receive me, You will be a totally loss angel, Loss your way from heavens’ light, The Fire is red, and Flame is blossomy, A fire of your kiss is what burning mine heart of desire, Touch me, baby, just kiss me deadly, Feeling ours naked body rubbing against each else, Making love to you, made my heart contend, I like to feel your warm lip kissing all over my body, It takes time, it takes time, Once you fall in love, you will never rise again, One you fall in love, you will never receive me.
I stand on the brink of your mind Living inside a nightmare from which I can not awaken Stand on the edge of your life Just give me another moment From which i will never awaken Stand on the brink of my own demise Fallen again for another Mistress of burden To idolize Hoping that one of them will decide To let me in To stand on the edge of the knife Cutitng through the nightmare from which I just can not awaken Stand on the edge of then ight Living inside a moment From which i will never awaken Stand on the brink of my own demise Fallen again for another Mistress of burden To idolize Hoping that one of them will decide To let me in Look at what you've done to me You've become my enemy Poisoning the world for me Take away my everything weakened as i am Stand on the brink of my own demise Fallen again for another Mistress of burden To idolize Hoping that one of them will decide To let me in
You betrayed me And left me alone I know think of the love We once shared I turned to walk away With my head bowed... I did not watch where I was going I looked at my feet And thunk... This must be my destiny To remain...alone Yes... My destiny I was still looking at my feet Watching them carry me Through this lonely city *Bump* 'Opps I am so sorry' I said Then I looked up... I looked into the eyes of the man that i loved A handsome man that i knew Now... Destiny has the upper hand To the man from my dreams And I realise that THIS is MY destiny to love him
Two souls separated by a distance Two hearts engaged with their own lives Two spirits misplaced in each own horizon Two people shackled by their own destiny That’s what we are… Love was introduced breaking the distance Hope brings together the different lives Faith binds two souls together in one horizon Candles of passion burns the written destiny That’s what we are… Only time can tell and erase the distance An eternal flame will burn the rest of our lives Burning intensity you can see across the horizon The scars of love and tenderness will rewrite destiny That’s what we are…
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