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I want to write you a poem of seduction. I want to examine our open palms and tell you that your fate-line crosses my heart-line. I want to whisper in your ear and assure you I would always take care of you. I want to decipher the hidden numerical meaning of your name, tell you mine is eleven and yours is the same. I want to tune into your aura and see it flaming bright orange and red, from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. I want to know your passion is as hot as mine, that we have similar thoughts running through our minds. I want to make love to you on a phenomenally dark night that has no ending. I want to take you to heights unknown. Our core essence blending. I want to do devilish deeds that defy defined religion I want to transcend the trapping of tactile tantalization. I want to acid etch your eyes and smile into my mental visualization. I want your chi embedded in my souls memory. I want to feel you as pure energy, with perfect symmetry, the way we were meant to feel from the beginning. I want to separate love from lust and seduction from sinning. I want to... seduce you.
You Are The sunlight on my shoulders The smile on my face My secret weapon, my favorite place The reason my heart skips a beat The man that sweeps me off my feet A gentle inspiration My soul's salvation The half that makes me whole The gravity that grounds me The arms I want around me Never letting go All the love I want to make Every breath I want to take The rush that's running down my spine The touch that takes me every time My every hope My every dream You are my everything
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