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Mail Call Darkness and loneliness fill my cell, With pain and fear too great to tell. I wait for the mailman to deliver to me, As I wipe away tears that no one will see. I pray so sincere with my head raised above, “Please, God, soon send a letter of love.” I long to gaze upon pages so dear, With riches to bring my loved ones near. Words of diamonds on pages of gold, A message from heaven as their story is told. “We love you, miss you, and pray you’ll be free,” A treasure-filled envelope just for me. Please bring memories of joys I once knew, Family, friends, and things I used to do. The darkness and pain of my cell will prevail, As my name, again, was not called for mail.
WASTED TIME The time that I’ve wasted is my biggest regret, Spent in these places, I will never forget. Just sitting and thinking about the things I’ve done, The crying, the laughing, the hurt, and the fun. Now it’s just me and my hard-driven guilt, Behind a wall of emptiness, I allowed to be built. I’m trapped in my body, just wanting to run, Back to my youth with it’s laughter and fun. But the chase is over and there’s no place to hide, Everything is gone, including my pride. With reality suddenly right in my face, I’m scared, alone, and stuck in this place. Now memories of the past flash through my head, And the pain is obvious by the tears that I shed. I ask myself why and where I went wrong, I guess I was weak when I should have been strong. Living for the drugs and the wings I have grown, My feelings were lost, and afraid to be shown. As I look at my past it’s so easy to see, The fear that I had, afraid to be me. I pretended to be rugged, so fast and cool, When actually lost like a blinded fool. I’m getting to old for this tiresome game, Of acting real hard with no sense of shame. It’s time that I change and get on with life, Fulfilling my dreams for a family and life-long wife. What my future holds, I really don’t know, But the years that I’ve wasted are starting to show. I just live for the day when I’ll get a new start, And the dreams I still hold deep in my heart. I hope I can make it, I at least have to try, Because I’m treading towards death, and I don’t want to die.
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