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Hey All If you don't know this Man, Now is the Time to Be-Friend him. He is one of the coolest guys on here. He likes to think he is so close to Oracle. When matter of fact he is 16,723,699 away Of course I'm not asking for a Level up, That would be completely impossible today. But he does have alot of Photos & Stash I know that if everyone banned together, We could knock ALOT of points off. And to make it interesting, Any friend that adds him today {4/27/08}, I'll send them 1000 fubucks. To get the Fubucks, You have to say I sent ya in the friend request, Then send me a private message when he adds you. So please, click on his link. Fan, Rate, Add Him, Then Rate his stuff. I know for a matter of fact, He returns ALL Love shown ~~~FU-DADDY™~~~DA PLAYBOY OF DA FU™~OWNER OF DA PLAYBOY'S PLAYMATES~FU-HUBBY TO SINFUL_BYTCH~

@ fubar Brought to you by His Slave of the Month: Rachel Marie aka Sexy Tiger

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WELL NOT REALLY :P He got a lot people to rate The heck out of me. He knows how hard of a time I'm having From being on yucky dial up & can't rate people that much. He's a really sweet friend. & I love him to death. & I would appreciate it if You could show him some Love. Just a few friendly rates Will make us both happy He's an awesome friend to have. So if you don't have him, PLEASE Fan/Rate/Add He returns all Love $ç()øTëR™-(Lori's Hubby)-{Ashley's Fu-Slave}

@ fubar Bought to you by: **SexyTiger** ~ Demon Crew Member ~ Shadow Leveler ~

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I just wanna show some Birthday Love to this Friend of mine. Please stop by and tell her Happy Birthday!! =^^=Momma CaT=^^= Demon Crew

@ fubar She even has BIG news, I learned the other day that she's pregnant & is due in September. So Congrats to her and CaTDaddy :) Photobucket We Love You Hugz

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: **SexyTiger** ~ Demon Crew Member ~ Shadow Leveler ~

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