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Terrance Joseph could not get away from them.

Regardless of how often, or how many different ways he tried avoiding them, they always came back to him...especially during the night as he was asleep. He'd recently escaped the Compound where The Mistress had him captured. He was still on the run. As far as he could tell, there was absolutely no one in pursuit of him. Yet, he could still sense her presence especially at night when he tried to rest from pure exhaustion.

When The Explorer Shuttle landed on the small Planetoid in the Ceres Star Cluster after coming out of the Wormhole, Joseph found he'd been off Target of the planned trajectory by at least eleven hundred Light Years. Despite Plasma Regeneration of the Drive Engines, he calculated he'd die before even getting halfway back to Earth. Yet, escaping this world, was a chance he was willing to take.

If, he could ever get a decent night of sleep.

Oh the Shuttle was well hidden enough, but despite activating the Force Shields, an Intruder still managed to make it's way through them to assail him at night. The tell-tale odors of The Mistress' Pheromones constantly called to him. He'd tried Nasal Blocking Screens to stop them from getting to his Olfactory Bulb, but even those didn't work. Night after night, he could literally smell The Mistress' Sensually Seductive Body near him...and he KNEW he was at least sixty to seventy kilometers from the Compound where he'd been just over five months ago. As for the rotational period of the Planetoid, the nights were longer than the days, and they always were by what he'd estimated at an average of four and a half additional hours. It's Axial Tilt, constantly kept It's Southern Hemisphere sunward by about eight degrees, and it seemed to always be in it's Summer. There was never a variation of seasons on this world!

The rotation of this world, was a 29 hour period as well. It's Gravity was nearly Earth Tolerable, and he was indeed lighter by nearly four kilograms. As he was about to fall asleep yet again, the sunset gave him a foreboding feeling of tortuous dread. Finally, his body forced him to sleep.

The Dreams came first.

She stood at nearly a meter and a half tall. Despite his being taller than her by nearly two, she'd emitted a most powerfully alluring aura from her body. The semi-transparent robe she always wore; revealed sumptuous, full breasts. Her golden hair flowed just past her shoulder blades, and her curvy-yet sensually proportioned body with the widened apple shaped butt that was fully rounded and packed, was indeed soft to even his sense of smell. Her legs were muscular, yet smoothened, Goddess Structures of Feminine Pillars that constantly drove his attention to them second or first. He couldn't tell.

Then, there were The Feet.

They were the most perfected peds he'd ever seen in his entire life. No Female on Earth, not even his last Ex-Girlfriend Lynnette, could boast such fantastically Sexy Feet. The Insteps of The Mistress' feet, were arched at a near perfect 80 degrees from ball joints to heels. The parabolic curve, along with the sensuous wrinkles and folds of her soles, especially when she'd flex them in front of him, would constantly keep him hardened to the point of pain. 

The Dreams. The Pheromones again.

He tossed and turned all night. The torture of the Dreams would not allow him the luxury of a simple restful night's sleep...and he needed it so badly, if he were to escape successfully. The question was; would he ever escape, if at all?

After what seemed like a lifetime of dreaming, the alarm sounded, and he awoke yet again.

It was still dark outside, and the Proximity Sensors still detected no approach of anyone or anything. The animal life of this world generally left him alone. At last, The Regeneration Signaled, that The Drive Engines were at Full Power. At last. He could Lift Off and be gone from this accursed Planet!

"I beat you. You won't ever have me again." He muttered to himself as he activated the Lift-Off Sequence. As the Shuttle rose into the sky rapidly, he attained orbit within the next few minutes. He'd make two complete circuits, before obtaining the corrected trajectory angle to finally fly back to the coordinates he'd hoped the Wormhole would still be, if even at all!

Yet, The Pheromones, even up here, assailed him still. Now they were even more powerful!

How, in the vacuum of space, could they still exist? He thought at first he was imagining it, but tested the cabin air. The computer readout analysis gave him a moment of terrified fear:

'Analysis indicates Normalized Interior Gases along with a 87 Percent Presence of an Unknown Estrogen-Based Humanoid Pheromone.'

Quickly, he attempted to re-sanitize the interior atmosphere and purge the Pheromones from it, yet it was to no avail, when he tested it again:

'Analysis indicates Estrogen-Based Pheromones increased to 92 Percent Presence.'

He tried to Avoid them. Ignore them. Vainly, he tried the Nasal Blocking Screens and yet again, he could still smell...Her!

Finally, just as he'd attained De-Orbital Ejection Coordinates, he hesitated to hit the Plasma Drive Control. Something just wouldn't let him do so...and ke knew with certain finality, exactly what it was.

He Re-Programmed Landing Coordinates yet again, and returned to the Site of The Compound.

As he stepped out of The Shuttle a couple of hours later, The Mistress stood just outside the hatch as he exited the craft for the final time. She smiled Wickedly:

"I told you Terrance, I will ALWAYS keep you no matter where you go. Come to me now!"

She stroked his small, wavy Afro yet again, as she embraced him and took in his Testosterone, as well as the smoothened Darkness of his Skin as she kissed him forcefully. Grabbing his now exposed Manhood-again-she stroked it too, while still smiling winningly.

"There is No Escape from Me Baby.  Cum, and Love Me now!" She led him back inside The Compound and her Chambers. stripping him of his Uniform for the last time, she continued stroking him and orally pleasing him...also again.

"Yesssssssss...." She breathed heavily.

He finally relented completely.



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