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negativeZero's blog: "Orderly "

created on 03/09/2011  |  http://fubar.com/orderly/b339984  |  4 followers

I follow you down your twisting allyways

Let me fall through the clouds of your words


Lets treat these days as if they were our last

These dreams as if they were not the past

I play my song for you

From the jukebox in my corner

Of my mind

Its free from the ghost baby 

So don't cry 



The snow fell like a windmill that night

Round and round

We huddled by the gleaming graffiti fire

Like crows singing circles around a corpse

Only to find our souls frozen on the line

Crouching in the dark

A mass inverted conscious

 Fading fast beyond my finger to the sky

Past Lives 


Flowers bloom from the thought of a smile

The insane brought to life through miles

Shoes worn

 Roots torn

I trace your body spilled across my bed

Flowing currents noons and nights

 Your legs and arms selfish thoughts

Slamming doors

 Shes gone

I dream..

Sand through fingers passing time..

In the oily black of night..

Screaming radiant Coalescences.. 


Brilliant oddities injested by great minds..

Scholars of art and war..

Death from watery hallucination blue..

I dream..



Stumbling through the quarter..


High stone faces in the sky...

She said: “I think ive lost my mind”..

But I couldn't’ remember who she was..

Oblivion..Beside the shoe shine stand..

But there is so much blood behind this skin..

Me and love and a soul perhaps..

I’m not lost..

Just burning...

“I have. It just went down that alley” she said..

Then I remembered her name...


“It was the time we burned the night” she said

Liquid dreams

 Moments in time

Captured on paper

Like bad lyrics etched on the mind

We walked the dirty streets like giants that day

In a fairy tale unknown to most

 But this was no mushroom to make you small

It was reality

And we loved 

Books piled round my feet..

I rest and wait for us to meet

In back alleys, side roads where you'll be..

Flipping the coin that takes me in



Running through fields of stone


Legs of steel...

Lungs on fire...

Burning your name...

Tattooed villain...

Gripping mirrored perception



The winds of the past rest in your hair

I brush them aside bringing on the future

Your lips speak my words, and tears fall 

My mouth a foreign place with no passport

 I love you..I try and breath forth

It doesn't matter 

Because you already know




Throw away the map to your soul

The weeping lines on your face to guide me

I will walk among your gardens

 Watching the flowers grow

 Waiting for your laughter to bring the dawn

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