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2775's blog: "Solitude"

created on 10/19/2006  |  http://fubar.com/solitude/b15615

One mans Solitude

Up somewhere in the distance I see a man so old, all his life's' belongings he lost long ago or sold. As years passed by, he waited for his future to unfold; now solitude consumes him and his hopes have all grown cold. Family can't console him in the last years of his life, though 2 children were born to him before he lost his wife. He watched his friends die one by one - each causing so much strife, but its love he lost that cut his soul much worse than any knife. Each day he plays the memories - the songs of life he's stored, still vivid are his thoughts of her - strike a too familiar cord. On the day he fell in love with her he knelt and thanked the Lord but the day she left it broke his heart - a price one can't afford. So many years have passed since then - still he never was the same, still burdened with the sadness because he found no one to blame. As for the hope he'd love again - well that day it never came, the future forever darkened as his tears put out the flame. A key to life he learned too late to some will seem absurd, a lesson of this life best felt than kept if only heard. Of all the gifts bestowed in life its meaning's often blurred love must be shown with actions cause it's more than just a word.
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One mans Solitude

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