Over 16,163,400 people are on fubar. What are you waiting for?


Not really.

There are a rather large number of folks who come on here not often enough or don't partake in the game as much, that or they wish to remain anonymous and do their own little thing.

So nah, not everyone without a salute is fake.

Usually it's easy to spot a fake of the catfish variety.

Once you get through the real folks' snapchat filtered to the point of you don't even know who it really is default that is...

But I digress..

Fakes of the classic scammer/cheater/catfish variety always do the same shit.

Here are some prime examples:

1. "Hot" girl just joined FU within the past couple of days/weeks/even months. They have about 3 or 4 filtered to death images as their "default," a copy and pasted or straight made up description that usually has "I do what I want so haters go away" kind of crap in it.

But this profile magically runs bling immediately , has happy hours and knows exactly who to add to family. Who, let's face it, don't give two fucks if the person who is running them in their famp is fake, scammer or not.

All about the game for those 75 or so people.

Gotta get that lifetime rank up!

Hell this kind of catfish has even made top level !

I bet her family is oh so proud..

And #2. the Classic:

Hot boy or girl profile created. Looks for money. Sends you links to other sites in SB, etc.

Shows you attention.

Clearly, the only attention their focus on is well...

Your credit card.

There are other kinds of fake profiles, like the littany of "someone has rated you."

Probably spy accounts.


Just randomly figured I would post this.

Thanks for reading!

- JD


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