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Night Rider
By Markus Daimeion I - Forever's End - 2021

I ride into the sunset
Feel the wind in my eyes
See you there in the distance
Waiting for me to arrive

So I ride like the wind
You sense me growing nearer
You know I'll return again
A flash of light as I appear

The Night Rider

Time... Is of the essence
Will... We must stand and be strong
Fight... For what we believe in
Know... Where we belong

Ride like the wind
Feel me getting closer
You know I'll return again
Call my name and I'll appear

The Night Rider

We Ride into the sunrise
You feel the wind in your eyes
See it there in the distance
Soon we'll be in paradise

Ride like the Wind
I feel you hold on tighter
You know it will never end
Scream out and I'll be there

The Night Rider

(First Draft and subject to changes at a future date.)

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