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pjcountry's blog: "NEED HELP ASAP"

created on 04/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/need-help-asap/b206473
I am in a bling pack only auction click the pick and bid on me i am in an anything goes auction click this pics to bid on me in that one I am doing all this trying to reach godmother and get the spotlight any help you can do on any of them will greatly be appriciated.
We need your help, please. We're fighting to keep our lead in this contest. It has now turned into 3 families against 1 and we are doing all we can to struggle and keep our lead. Our lead is dropping with every hour. Three families against our one. We ask if ANYONE can please help us and bomb this pic, we would be extremely grateful. Please help us! Thank you! Please repost the hell outta this!!!
I need all my friends to help with this contest. If each of my friends rate this picture and just left 5 comments we will be in good shape. I have always helped my friends when they needed it from rateing pics to helping them level, now i need some help. Please take just a few minutes of your time to at least rate this picture and any comments you can leave will be greatly appreciated, even 5 comments helps. Thanks for reading this and helping out. Pam
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12 years ago
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