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Hey guys. I've seen a lot of status messages around this week's weekly achievement and a lot of people struggling with this. But honestly it is NOT as hard as it sounds or as time consuming, and since you cannot get anywhere on this site without help from others, I thought I'd make a blog. I've had conversations with several people and I keep seeing a lot of frustration, so instead of sending a SB or a PM to everyone, I thought I'd type this up and just link it in my status.


Getting the (now) 4500 VIP+ rates sounds super intimidating and time consuming, but if you're someone who does the weekly challenges, chances are you already spend a couple hours on fubar a day anyways, and chances are since it's Thursday night, you already have SOME of those needed rates.


For any massive like and rate challenge like this, yall need the phone app. You dont need to be searching around fu on your laptop to see who is a VIP+ member. Just cut that headache out. If you dont have the app, download it. There are certain things on this site that are easier to do on a laptop than your phone app and certain things like this that are a million times easier on the app.


Once you download the app, click the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner. Select LEADERBOARDS. It will probably take you to the "Most Famous Right Now" category. Top right corner is a link that says SWITCH LEADERBOARD. Select that bad boy. MY PERSONAL CHOICE of leaderboards to use is Top Mambers All Time, Top Chicks This Week, Top Dudes This Week, and Top ReInviters Yesterday. Each category will give you about ONE THOUSAND members listed. Obviously if you're hitting someone running a famp, that will rate others for you. But it lists members in order, and has the thumbs up for the like and a cherry for the rate.


Like and rate them ALL. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Purple. Pink. Turquiose. Hot pink. Grey. White. All. You can litterally rate and like 100 people in a minute of your time. The only DOWNSIDE for me personally, is that my app crashes a lot but it's really not that hard to reload the app and get back to work.


For anyone that does NOT have the 14, 21, and 28 day rate and like achievements and bling that are also apart of this week's weekly challenge, this is the way I did it to get them. It's only 500 people a day, for 14 days/21 days/28 days. And there's a like and rate button next to every name so even chooisng ONE of the FOUR lists I mentioned you can do that daily easily. And you get 2 boomys and a likenado at ur 28 days so why not?


Even if you've hardly rated anyone at this point or "given up" on this weeks weekly challenge because of this 4500 rates, you can start tomorrow and still have it by Sunday easily. And if you dont have your 1300 holiday game achievement for this week, USE THE APP! Under the ONLINE NOW, there's the top members, guys online, girls online, friends online, and active powerups. Click a category, click the first person, RATE LIKE and choose your this person or that person, swipe left and go. It's also another way to get those rates you need so you're killing two birds with one stone.


You guys got this. And we all have to help one another around here :) Don't ever be afraid to ask people questions. Ive been here 13 years but this game is forever changing. I had to ask quite a few questions and I appreciate my friends who helped and supported me after I came back 2 months ago because I'd probably be half lost. 


If I can ever help you out, shoot me a PM. My SB is full constantly and messages get lost. I'll do what I can to help you my fu-lovelies xoxoxo


El xoxoxo

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