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You hear My voice….”Take off your clothes” You have been here before… you know to do as you are told. You slowly undress…. neatly folding each garment, then placing them on the only shelf you see. A pretty girl enters the room …and blindfolds you… you are alone again… naked…. A chilled breeze brushes across your skin. Raising every little hair on your body…. You wait… You hear someone enter the room. you feel cuffs being placed on each wrist… then each ankle… You are lead into another room… pushed against a cross…. One arm lifted up then fastened into place above your head…. Then the next. Your ankles are then locked down. The blindfold is removed.. the room is pitch black. You are alone… You wait in the dark It’s quiet…. Very quiet…. So quiet you can hear your heart racing.. A strobe light fills the darkness and your senses… flashing so quickly that your eyes cannot focus. You think there is someone else in the room now… but you are not sure. You wait… You think you feel a touch…or did you? Then you feel the heat of My breath on the nape of your neck. “Are you ready My pet?” you feel My nails lightly tracing the muscles of your back, your arms, your legs… the inside of each thigh. You feel the soft leather of My flogger as I run it across your skin. The smell of it fills your senses as the falls slowly move across your face You sense that I have moved away. Then….the flogging begins… lightly at first… one shoulder then the other. The falls land in time with the strobe light... each time lands a little harder than the last. I hear your breathing get heavier and faster. The next strike hits your ass.. first one cheek then the other. Then an up swing tickles your inner thigh. Again and again the flogger falls, heavier with each swing Shoulders, back buttocks, and thighs… all aglow. Waking up, coming to life. Again you feel My nails tracing the redness of your skin. Sinking in here and there, just so I can hear you moan. Everything stops… there is silence.. you hear and feel nothing. You shiver… Then the music starts. “ Crazy Train” … The music and strobe work in time with each other … filling your mind… filling your senses… “Thwack” the kiss of My cane as it lands across your ass… then another and another Striking in time with the beat of the music… faster, harder… landing here and there along your ass and thighs. The pain … the pleasure… every sensation…every nerve comes to life. In your ear you hear..” You will think of Me every time you hear this song” Your body is hot. You feel the heat radiate from your skin…. You feel each lash of the cane… even the slightest touch feels intense. Then a shock to your system, Ice!.. it melts quickly as it runs along your hot skin, running down the small of your back.. into each crevice. Between your cheeks down the inside of your thighs…… Your mind is gone….
A Sadistic laugh A Slap A painful cry A tickle A wanton moan Wrists tied above your head Feet spread wide apart Sharp nails digging into soft flesh Teethe sinking into a meaty thigh Hot breathe on the nape of your neck A stinging smack on a supple ass A Sadistic laugh A Slap A painful cry A tickle A wanton moan The sting of My cane The swoosh of My paddle Whispering demands in your ear A wanton moan A slap A pain filled cry A sadistic laugh Handful of hair The feel of a sharp knife running across your skin Nipples in clamps A flogger across your back And then….. you fall to the floor in bliss…
My Granny She’s my hero. She is the strongest woman I’ve ever met I’ve seen her fighting mad, When she felt some wrong had been done I’ve seen her smile light up a room, When her family gathers near I have felt her love wrapping around me, Like a warm, safe blanket. I felt her steady hand guiding me, teaching me. Even pushing me now and then. I have felt the sting of her disappointment When I’d done something she disapproved of. I’ve felt the pain that made her weep. I prayed to God to take her, if that would ease her pain. I’ve felt her sadness, When she could no longer do. I’ve felt her weariness, When the pain weighed heavy on her. I’ve felt her pride, When I’ve done something she approved of. I’ve seen her tenacity, When she was trying to convince me that I was special I’ve felt her joy, When I finally believed her. I’ve seen her ornery streak, Few knew it was a mile wide. All these things make up the one person in this world, that I truly admire. Despite what I’ve written, words cannot express the way I feel about my Grandma. I guess, the closest I can come, is to say I adore her. She saved my life, When I did not think my life was worth saving. She sat me in front of a mirror, every day for a year, And made me tell myself that I was special, and why. She said “Girl, God made you! God does not make anything that is worthless. So, see, you have worth. You have purpose. You are special, because God made you!”
Love to me… Love to me, is something that sets your soul and spirit free. Love to me, is something that makes you strong and sure. Love to me, lets you be, who you want to be. Love to me, makes you grow and strive to be the best that you can be. Love to me, allows you to see the beauty in the little things. Love to me, is the light in a dear ones eyes. Love to me, is the laugh of a child. Love to me, is the sunlight on my face. Love to me, is a song in my heart. Love you me, can be said in one little word. Love to me, is You!
Ah, alone in the wood. Just the Mother and I . It has been so long, since she and I were one . It is good to be home. Good to feel the Earth beneath my bare feet. Here, alone in the wood I can tell my Mother of all the things I have learned, And she can tell me of all the things I have forgotten She welcomes me into her bosom, Let’s me drink from a cool stream. Her soft breezes touch my skin and awakens me once again . It is good to be home!
Be Silent!!! Be silent! Be silent and listen Listen to the Mother Listen as she tells you of her love, As she tells you of her pain Listen as she tells you of her struggle. The struggle to give you what you think you need. Be silent! Be silent and watch Watch the Mother Watch as parts of her die As she takes back some of what is Hers Watch as She struggles to keep the balance The balance between life and death Be silent! Be silent and feel Feel the Mother Feel the Mother as she gives you life. As you take Her life away Feel her pain as She struggles Struggles to keep up with the human race. Be silent! Be silent and listen Listen to the Mother Listen as she tells you of her love, As she tells you of her pain Listen as she tells you of her struggle. The struggle to give you that, which you think you need.
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