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It is a proven fact that sex sells. It sells cars, it sells clothes, it even makes you friends. It is obvious to most, that the picture I have up as my default pic right now is clearly not me. It is Raven Riley, a very popular porn star that can be googled any day of the week. I have, over the last 10 days, alternated between her picture one day, and a picture of me the next day. On the days I had my own picture up I may get between 5 and 15 new friend requests. (I have a blast going right now so that there is maximum exposure to all Fubarians) When I put her picture up, I get between 60 and 125 friends requests in a day, lots of fubar gifts bought for me, propositions for marriage and other biblical activities in my shoutbox and fumail. Most of my blocked users come from the days I have had her picture up and someone decides to explicitly tell me what they would like to do with the girl in the picture. It usually involves their body parts and my mouth if you get the picture. YAK! Let me give you a perfect example of how you can't get ahead being yourself... My good friend Stephanie Lynn (here on Fubar) is currently ranked TOP SCORE with over 120 million FU Points, and yet she is still not in the top 100 legends or in the top 10 with a red name. No matter how many countless miliion cajillion dollars she has spent on here buying herself and others happy hours, blasts, vip's she is still JUST top score. She has chosen to be herself and NOT show too much of her stuff in an effort to get ahead, and that is all it has gotten her. That in and of itself is a shame. We all know, to get ahead, she will have to put up a porn star pic or start bending over and showing her goodies to all who wants to see. Hence, she is bored to death now on Fubar. So...just to conclude my findings...I know to get ahead you either have to be someone else, or bare alot more of yourself than was intended to be shown on the internet to the whole world. If you are a man on here, really looking to meet someone, date someone, etc....do you really want to get involved with a woman who has shown her goodies to every other man on here who wanted to see? You all seem to want to see it. You stop and stare like a wreck occurred. But when it comes to you, do you want your girl to show her stuff to people? Go to your top tool bar and click on TOP, then MEMBERS and look at the red name people...see what got them there? Stephanie and others like Stephanie will never be there...and that's why. The only 3 guys who were ever top 10 on Fubar only got there by using the pictures of women to get them rates and fans. Of course those days are over. If you are in the top 100 you are required to use your own picture, not the picture of someone else to attract rates & fans. The days I have used Raven Riley's picture, I wake up the next day to find myself ranked 22nd for the day, or 35th for the day- out of over one and a half million people (of which about a million are real and use thier profiles) What's a girl to do?
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