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ElegantEclipse's blog: "My Poetry"

created on 09/09/2007  |  http://fubar.com/my-poetry/b126538

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If I were to say to you,

Lord please take me home.

If I were to say to you,

Lord I dont give a damn anymore.

Would you sit beside me my lord,

And remind me it is all right.

Remind me that you carry me,

Through the darkest night.

Tell me I can't come with you,

Cause my purpose here is not yet through.

Heal me with your loving light,

To make it through,

Yet another life.

Could I ask you to take with you,

This gift that is hard to bear.

To take my heart and change it,

So I just don't have to care?

As you sit with me here oh Lord,

I hear you say it would never do.

You are an example my precious one,

I know  I can count on you.

As much as I hate it sometimes,

I know that you are right.

Just stand with me lord,

And keep guiding me with your light.

I love you more each passing day,

Our bond ever stronger grows.

I will wait patiently,

And do that which you want me to do.

Until you take me home with you.

Just remember Lord one more thing,

Before you go if you don't mind.

Without your love,

Your  gentle touch,

I would not have the heart that I do.



I have no thoughts about you.
I have no feelings on how I want it to be.
I don't care about what has happened.
I sit and try to sort it all out.
Try to understand,
How after waiting for so long,
Wanting you back so bad,
Has brought me here.
Maybe I am at a point where,
I don't put meaning behind anything you say.
I take it for what it is.
A thought in a moment.
I hold strong that it can change in a second,
Just like before.
Holding that thought makes me stay at arms length.
Thinking of all the excuses I made,
Now maybe thinking,
You just aren't into me.
If so,
Why did you come to me?
Why did you take some time,
And be sure she was gone .
Blank,but yet a million questions.
Only time holds the answer.
Dee Parenti
All Rights Reserved


Do you care?
I often wonder,
Why aren't you here.
We both know,
We were meant to be.
How much longer will we wait,
Before we let life,
Show us this beautiful gift.
A team that is strong,
Is what we would be.
No matter what came,
We would make it through.
Life is short,
God is giving a gift.
Don't turn your back,
You might regret it.


When darkness falls,
I want you near.
When darkness falls,
Hold me close,
Wash away my fears.
When darkness falls,
I get scared.
When darkness falls,
I am all alone,
No one is near.
If only you where here.
Then when darkness fell,
The sky would shine with stars.
The moon would shine bright.
My heart would feel the tenderness of your touch.
When darkness fell,
My heart wouldn't be heavy,
It would know it was loved.
The darkness fell when you walked away.
The sun is starting to shine,
but are you staying this time?


I wish you cared about me,
The way I care for you.
I wish I knew what to do,
To get over you.
I thought when this stage of life  came,
People where suppose to know what it is they really want.

I have learned so much about myself.
I have grown and evolved as a person.
You have always been so private.
Never revealing much of anything.

I don't know what happened,
I can't even ask you.
I think she broke your heart,
The same way you broke mine years ago.

Isn't it funny how karma works.
You do it to me,
And someone does it to you.
Are you rethinking,
All that transpired between us.
The way you used me to get her back.
How you allowed her to attack me.

After three long years,                                                                                                     

I am still standing back.
I am watching you,
As you go through the same pain.
Understanding it all,
Without saying a word.
The difference is what I have learned.

I have learned to get up everyday,
To move on with life anyway.
To deal with you in my mind,
Knowing that you will never leave.

I have learned to love you from a far.
Wishing you all the best.
If my dream hasn't come to fruition yet,
Then God is telling me,
It is what is best.

I could never ask you to accept less,
Than what your heart has a desire for.
The same as I could never accept less,
Than my heart wanting you for eternity.

Isn't it funny how life will say,
These two hearts,
Can't go the same way.

At least we are friends anyway,
You can lean on me if you want to.
I'll keep it straight inside my mind,
I'll remember that friends is all it will ever be.
Dee Parenti


Late at night,
When no one is near.
I find myself longing for you.
I dont know why,
I know you dont care.
Yet, I still long for you.
Your memory plays inside my head,
Inside my heart,
Like you are still there.
It has been years,
You are part of the past.
Longing for you,
Is something that I should not do.
Was it true love,
I do not know.
Yet, I can't figure out why you are always there.
Sometimes at night,
All by myself,
I long for you and I cry out.
Please come back,
I still love you so.
I dont know why you ever let me go.
Then I realize what I am doing.
I tell myself don't long any more.
Dee Parenti
All Rights Reserved.



The Same Heart

After three long years,
I finally got to see you again.
I got to taste your beautiful lips,
And got reminded of how they made me feel inside.
Will I get to see you again,
Or will this be it.
The thoughts dart in and out,
Making me wonder what is to come.
They say the Lord works in mysterious ways,
When it is time for you to know,
He will make it clear.
I had a dream that you came back,
When I woke up ,
I shook my head and said what an ass.
Do dreams really tell you things,
Or Is it just wishful thinking.
I know with you,
There is such an easiness.
There is a comfort that can't be explain.
It isn't about looks, money, or material things.
It is about what is inside of you.
Is it possible,
Could it be?
That you are the love of my life,
and always have been.
Dee Parenti
All Rights Reserved


Night Dreams

As I lay here in bed tonight.
Thoughts run ramped through my head.
As I drift off into sleep.
I turn and look,
You are next to me.
We are together under the midnight skies,
Full of stars and the moonlight  above.
A warm tropical breeze,
Blowing through the air.
You hold me in your arms,
Telling me you care.
How your love for me will never die.
The way you are always going to try.
Wanting me with you til the end of time.
Then taking my hand into eternity.
You kiss me deeply,
Then look in my eyes.
As you softly whisper I Love You.

Dee Parenti

All Rights Reserved


Poison  Veins

You called last night,
You really wanted to see me.
I agreed to met you,
After three long years.
You really looked different,
But it didn't matter to me.
The more I looked at you,
The more I liked the new look.
It has never been about your look,
As much as about your heart.
There is something about you,
Your essences runs through my veins.
There is something about me with you,
I run through your veins too.
You are my poison,
And I am yours.
What did we do in the life before?
We both know deep within our souls,
Or the poison in our veins,
Wouldn't run so deep.
Would not attract so bad.
Would not keep bring us back.
To the place where we started again.
Dee Parenti
All Rights Reserved


The Space
There is this space inside of me.
It dwells in many parts of me.
There is an emptiness,
It took over the day you left.
I can still feel content.
I am still  very complete within myself.
However there is this space.
It is like a void that can't be erased.
The space is in my head,
The space is in my heart.
The space is in my soul.
I sit and wonder,
Will I have to wait until eternity.
Cause that is were we will met again,
Before this space,
this void,
Will ever leave me.
Or will it take a new life time,
For us to get it right then?
Dee Parenti
All Rights Reserved

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